Ever wondered how A-listers always have perfect hair on the red carpet? Part of their look can be attributed to extensions, but they also have access to some of the most experienced hair stylists.

Discover some of the best celebrity hair secrets, from stylists willing to share their care tips so that any woman can have beautiful hair without breaking the bank. Find out how to extend the life of your highlights or how to get an instant eye lift for a special occasion, among other secrets shared by celebrity hair stylists.

Double Dry for Extra Volume

Celebrity hair dresser Andrew Barton, who’s worked with supermodel Jerry Hall and many actresses like Juliette Lewis, told Hello magazine about a great volumizing secret: “We blow-dry the hair once damp with mousse and then re-wet the hair, adding more mousse, and blowdry a second time. The trick gives long lasting, exaggerated style.”

Oversized Side Updo

Red Carpet Eye Lift

Another Hollywood trick shared by Barton helps celebrities look younger at public events is definitely one of the best celebrity hair secrets. If you want to try this trick, you’ll have to create a simply hair plait at the hair line. Make a tiny three strand plait on the hairline in order to pull back your skin for an eye lifting effect, but keep it very small. Secure it with a pin and cover it with other strands of hair.

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Argan Oil as a Heat Protectant

Professional makeup artist Bobbi Brown also has a hair secret of her own: argan oil. “Simply apply it after you shower and before you blow-dry”, Brown explained on Health.com. Don’t worry about your hair getting oily, a little argan oil will give it the shine you only usually see on the red carpet without any unwanted residue.

Wrap Braid Updo

Longer-Lasting Highlights

Brown also shared another tip that’s among the best celebrity hair secrets. Instead of subjecting your hair to more chemical treatments, use a DIY highlight enhancer for color with natural tints. She recommends using 2 cups of cool black coffee for brunettes (rinse after 10 minutes and shampoo), 3 cups of cooled chamomile tea for blondes (shampoo after 15 minutes) and a rose hips infusion for redheads (1 cup of rose hips per 2 cups of boiling water, applied for 20 minutes when cooled).

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Backcombing for Extra Volume

London based hair stylist Phil Smith has worked with stars like Mischa Barton and he explained the right way to use backcombing. “If want to backcomb your hair to give add a little volume, remember to leave the surface section of hair smooth. Backcomb underneath then once you’ve backcombed smooth over and this will disguise all the stray backcombed hairs underneath,” Smith told Glamour magazine.

Long Thick Hair

Perfect Curl Definition

Celebrity hair stylist David Babaii shared with Vogue Australia one of the best celebrity hair secrets for a red carpet worthy look. “Use hot tongs to pick and choose the curls you want to define. You don’t need to do the whole head. I do it on Sarah [Jessica Parker], I’ve done it on Olivia [Wilde], it just gives subtle definition,” he explained.

Quick Color Correction

Amy Mrkurnic, a senior colorist at Oscar Blondi salon in New York, has a great solution for doing color corrections at home, using rubbing alcohol and mineral oil. “Make a three to one ratio of the alcohol with the mineral oil, mix together, and massage through your hair. Then, wrap your hair in plastic and apply heat for 10 minutes to fade any color,” she told Women’s Health.

Where To Place Ponytail

Perfect Ponytail

Find the place for a flattering ponytail with one of the best celebrity hair secrets, shared by Marcus Francis, who’s worked with Kristin Cavallari among other A-lister: “A good gauge to where to place your high ponytail is follow the natural line of your cheekbone toward the top of your head”.

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Crimping Roots for Extra Volume

British hair stylist Michael Barnes is responsible for some of Keira Knightley’s best looks, and he has a great solution for creating volume without products. “If you’ve got fine hair and you need to boost the volume try crimping the roots but leave the top section of hair, so that you can’t see the crimped hair, and then spritz with a volumizing spray,” he told Glamour magazine, revealing one of the celebrity hair secrets that doesn’t involve extensions.