From using the right tools to knowing how to get the most out of them, blow drying can be tricky, especially if you want the perfect results really fast. However, in order to make your hairstyle look great for longer, you’ll need to avoid a few common errors that get in the way.

Learn more about how to avoid the big blow drying mistakes, and you’ll be able to use a few pro tips to make your hair look gorgeous once you’re done with it. Here are the mistakes that might be stopping you from achieving your blowout potential.

Starting with Really Wet Hair

You can’t be in a hurry if you want to make the most out of blow drying your hair with a brush. Whether you decide to air dry for a while, or just blow dry using just your fingers until you get your hair to about 70% dry, that’s the right moment to introduce the brush into the mix in order to help your tresses keep their bouncy appearance when you’re done.

Skipping the Heat Protection

Even if you’re not going to use a flat iron or curling iron, not using heat protection is one of the biggest blow drying mistakes. You should apply a product like TRESemmé Heat Tamer Spray or Carol’s Daughter heat protection serum on your damp hair before you reach for the hair dryer.

Starting on the Wrong Foot

The most effective way of drying your hair is to start with your round brush at the roots, then roll it down towards the end, then get back to the roots. While you should focus on drying the parts at the roots first, the ends will also dry faster. By the time you start rolling the ends on the brush to finish, you’ll get great results.

How To Blow Dry With Round Brush

Not Working in Sections

Starting to dry your hair without any clips around can be one of the worst blow drying mistakes. Working in sections is very important, so you should always be prepared to keep the sections you’re not working on separate from the finished ones, so you prevent the dried sections touching the wet ones as you work.

Using the Wrong Brush

Metal brushes should be avoided, because they can overheat your hair. Natural boar bristle brushes will stand the heat much better and minimize damage to your hair. You can use a round brush for most of your hair, but remember to switch to a flat brush at the ends if you want them to fall flat instead of ending up rounded.

Failing to Lift Your Roots

One of the big blow drying mistakes is thinking that you can use a brush, any brush to get the lift you want at the roots. The best tools for the job are your fingers. Don’t be afraid to use them when you dry the roots and comb them through your hair in order to get extra volume and lift.

Stopping Before Your Hair Is Fully Dry

Even if it looks like you’re on the right track for the perfect blowout, you still have to make sure that your hair is fully dry, especially if you plan on using more heat tools on your hair. Set your blow dryer to cold in order to figure out if there are still wet spots, because it’s harder to tell when your hair feels warm.

You’re Not Setting Your Hair

Avoid one of the worst blow drying mistakes and don’t be in a rush to finish. If you let your hair cool off on the brush before you move on and do the next section, you’ll allow it to set, for a longer lasting effect. You can also use the cool setting on your blow dryer to hurry it along a bit.

Perfect Blowdry

Not Using the Concentrator Nozzle

The most important hair dryer accessory might be the diffuser, but you shouldn’t underestimate the concentrator nozzle. It’s very important to use it in order to focus the airflow directly to where you’re using your brush, but make sure that you keep moving it or using it at a safe distance, so you don’t cause any heat damage to your tresses.

Skipping the Finishing Products

If you want to keep your blowout free of frizz and fly-aways, you can’t skip the most important products. Using too much can also become one of the big blow drying mistakes, so remember that a little goes a long way. Try the Rene Furterer hair spray or the Chi Magnified Volume Finishing Spray.