Even though heat based styling tools can be a busy girl’s best friend the convenience of using these styling tools, whether we are talking about flat irons or curling irons can take a toll on our tresses. Limiting the use of styling tools is a wise decision if you are concerned about the health of your tresses as well as if you are thinking about preventing damage. Fortunately you don’t have to choose between style and the health of tresses a there are various styles you can try to vary your look on a daily basis.

Loose braids are a great choice for those who have a relaxed attitude towards styling and are not keen on using multiple styling products in order to get a polished look. Extremely easy to create in a matter of minutes different braid styles can be used to create a somewhat elaborate look. Whether braids are used to frame certain facial features or as a defining style the efforts required are generally quite small being a quick option to vary your look.

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Casual updo hairstyles can be another fabulous choice you can use to vary your look. If a purposely disheveled look is preferred then the overall time required for styling tends to be less than in the case of a more polished look. It should be mentioned however that this is not always the case as sometimes creating a purposely messy look requires more effort than creating a classic one. Your hair texture tends to be a deciding factor when it comes to the amount time you need to spend styling your tresses.

Finger curls or waves can be easily created even without curling irons. To create finger curls you need to divide your hair into several sections, apply a little bit of cream on damp hair and start making twirls using your fingers. Applying a little bit of hair spray to maintain a proper form is also a good idea. As far as creating waves without using heat things get even simpler: all you need to do is to divide your hair into several sections and to create various tight braids.

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Again, hair should be damp in order to get the best result. Braiding the hair and leaving it overnight will allow you to wake up with soft curls and get ready in a matter of seconds. Another method you can use if you prefer barely there curls is creating several small buns and leave them overnight. A lightweight hairspray is just what it is needed to ensure that the hair maintains a proper form.

If you are interested in getting pin straight hair without having to use a flat iron you will be pleased to find out that it can be done successfully if you follow a few simple rules. Brushing your while it is still fairly wet can help you get straight hair without too much effort. However since the hair is weaker while it is wet it can break a lot easier so this might not be the best alternative you can turn to.

Using a straightening cream can be a good idea if your tresses are particularly stubborn however in most of the cases a round brush and a good blow drying technique will so the trick. A silicone anti frizz serum can be useful for fishing touches. During winter it is quite important to choose a humidity resistant hairspray because otherwise you might have the unpleasant surprise of discovering that your look is easily ruined.

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