It has become common knowledge that the best way to ensure the success of a hairstyle is to learn to make a selection based on the main characteristics of our face shape. Those who have a diamond face shape should consider themselves very lucky as there is a multitude of styles that can suit them. Check out the best hairstyle alternatives for the diamond face shape.

The diamond face shape can be considered a combination between the oval face shape and the heart face shape. The general characteristics of the diamond face shape are: a narrow forehead and a small jaw line with high wide cheekbones.
This type of face shape allows a great variety of different hairstyles while posing only a few restrictions that are meant to rule out the styles that prove to be unflattering for this face shape depending on various characteristics.

The first step in choosing the ideal hairstyles is learning to distinguish between the hairstyles with the highest potential and those that will bring out the aspects that we would rather camouflage.
The most suitable hairstyles for this face shape are those that are able to shorten the overall length of the face, reduce the width of the cheekbones as well as to provide an adequate balance among all the facial features. On the other hand, hairstyles that add length such as middle parts or hairstyles that add height at the top of the head should be avoided as these tend to be particularly unflattering.

When it comes to short hairstyles, you should try to avoid close cropped hairstyles as these will accentuate this face shape even more. On the other hand, short spiky hairstyles are an unfortunate choice because they tend to add length to the face. Try to choose sleek straight hairstyles with bangs that will help you reduce the length of the face while the bangs will draw attention form the wide cheekbones. Choose whatever bangs style suits the hairstyle you have chosen as there are virtually no limitations in this area.

Medium hairstyles offer a lot more versatility when it comes to styling, providing the perfect equilibrium between the low-maintenance styling options that a short hairstyle provides and the seductiveness of long tresses which enhance femininity in a subtle and discreet way.
Medium hairstyles are considered ideal as many hair stylists believe that chin length is the perfect length for diamond shapes.

Layered hairstyles generally work great for this face shape if you are careful about which layered style you choose. It is advisable to avoid wispy layers around the cheekbone area as well as wispy bangs as they won't do anything to flatter you.

A chin length graduated bob hairstyle is another good option that can be used to balance a diamond face shape. To provide maximum equilibrium between the facial features you can try pairing it with a full, straight bangs that will reduce the unnecessary length.

Long hairstyles are an excellent choice when it comes to balancing the facial features because a well chosen hairstyle can instantly reduce width. The rules when it comes to choosing the perfect long hairstyle are similar to the rules that apply to medium hairstyles. Layered hairstyles are once again a suitable choice.

Soft waves and loose curls are another excellent alternative for framing the face as well as for drawing attention away from the cheekbones. Any long hairstyle with bangs can be an adequate choice, so feel free to try a variety of styles until you find the one that suits you the best.