Hair highlights are the easiest way to obtain a totally changed hairstyle without changing all the hair color. Hair highlights come in a variety of hues meant to emphasize the hair color and attract attention towards the facial features. Since highlights should help soften a look and make it more fun without doing drastic hairstyle changes, they have become very popular. They help dull hair come to life due to the contrast of colors they offer.

To create gorgeous looking highlights it is recommended to seek a hair stylist’s help because they are well trained professionals which will be able to create the exact color necessary for your hair color. However, for women who do have the skills required to do the job, it is recommended to get two color hues with a maximum of difference between the two shades in case of natural hair color. For colored hair, go for one single color hue. Multicolored highlights are the best option for women with thin hair. The highlights will help create a volumizing effect.

When it comes to brunettes and hair highlights the choices of hues differ because of several factors like: age, type of brunette hair and the amount of attention the person wants to receive. The greater the shade difference, the more attention the hair will receive. In order to create a gorgeous effect on brunette hair choose one of the following hair highlights shades:

Shades of platinum blonde

Different shades of platinum blonde hair highlights look great on brunette hair. It is best to avoid platinum blonde on dark brown hair because of the great difference between the two colors. Opt for a softer shade instead.

For lighter brown hair color choose a hue about two shades lighter than the hair color. It is best to choose the right highlights for your brunette hair to ensure the color difference is not too obvious.

blonde highlights blonde highlights on brunette

Copper highlights

Copper highlights look great on lighter brunette hair. The combination of copper and gold hair highlights looks unbelievable because the colors all complement each other. Avoid getting two shades of highlights on dark brunette hair because the difference between the highlights and the brunette hair color will be to big.

Red highlights

Red highlights are a great option for dark brunette hair because the red will complement the dark tones without creating an unpleasant look. Red hair highlights are very popular among women with brunette hair who are searching for an upgrade in hair color without changing it all. Red hair highlights are a great option for strong, powerful and confident women.

red colored highlights for brunettes red highlights

The hair highlights created can have different widths and densities, depending on what each person prefers. Choose the right hair highlights color for your brunette hair and you will look spectacular.