Women with fair skin were considered to be very elegant and desirable in ancient times as well as in certain countries in the present. Fair skin is great because it brings a certain elegance to the look by brightening facial features. Fair skin enhances eye color as well as hair color, so choosing the right hair color is a must.

Hair color can absolutely help to transform a person, but the problem is it can go both ways. It can really help define and enhance facial features if the hair color is right for the complexion, or it can make the facial features look too fair or too dull if the hair color is wrong.

To choose the best color for fair complexion you need to look for the colors which will complement your skin, your eyes and your facial features. It depends on every person’s preferences as well type of complexion when it comes to choosing hair color.

Here are some tips to help you put your beautiful fair skin into value:

Go dark!!!

Fair skin and dark hair match especially if it is worn by a person with a lot of charisma and character. Dark hair and fair skin help to create a certain mysterious look, a look which will draw attention. You can choose from dark brown tones to black hair color. Black hair color works best especially for people with dark colored eyes, because they will help blend the overall look.

dark hair color

Go blonde!!!

Blonde hair color has always been appreciated by women. Blonde and fair skin match perfectly together; these two colors go hand in hand and there are a variety of blonde tones to choose from. Choose the blonde hair color which offers you as an individual the best advantages by enhancing your eyes and your skin. Go for warm tones of blonde because they will offer your type of skin the best advantages and avoid golden, sandy and strawberry blonde. It makes a great option especially for women with blue eyes.

blonde hair color blonde hair

Go red!!!

Redheads and fair skin have always complemented each other. The pale complexion and the warm tones of the red hair have always created a warm and feminine look. It is a great option for women with green eyes because the redness of the hair and the fair complexion will help altogether enhance the color of the eyes. You can choose to go for a light red hair color or you can choose a vivid red hair color.

red hair red hair color

Choose a color which defines you because that is the only way you will look great and radiate beauty.