From professional hair tips to smart solutions that amateur beauty enthusiasts come up with, hair styling hacks can be a lifesaver when you’re pressed for time or simply can’t handle the tiresome preparation needed to get your hair just the way you want it.

Try the best shortcuts and hair styling hacks and enjoy the way they can help you achieve looks that would either take a lot more time or would simply be impossible for the current way your hair looks. Hack your hair the right way with these excellent tips and tricks.

Sticky Bobby Pins

Did you know that bobby pins should always be worn with the wavy part on the inside of your hair? That still won’t help if you have straight hair and they keep slipping. Use a little hairspray or even dry shampoo to make them adhere to your locks. Spray them on a paper towel them grab it by the corners and shake them around for a bit to ensure they’ll stick in your hair right where you put them.

Bobby Pin Trick

Longer Ponytail

One of the best hair styling hacks can help you get a much longer ponytail that you’d usually get in the traditional way. Instead of a single ponytail, simply do two: a high one for the head around your crown and a low one for the hair at the lower back of your head. Practice a couple of times and you’ll get the perfect long ponytail.

Faux Fringe

If you’re interested in getting bangs but you’re not ready for a drastic cut, you can get a faux fringe with a simple trick. Simply create a ponytail and flip it over. The look doesn’t work without the perfect scarf that sets your new bangs in place. Experiment with different lengths of bangs to find the right look before getting your hair cut.

No More Flyaways

Taming flyaway hairs is traditionally done by using an old toothbrush to help distribute hairspray evenly. If you don’t have any extra toothbrush, reach for your makeup kit. Using clear mascara has the same effect and is truly one of the best best hair styling hacks for making sure flyaways and baby hairs stay in their place.

Extra Texture for Curls

Even if you know how to get perfect curls with your curling iron, you might get bored of the same look. By curling twisted sections of your hair, you can add plenty of texture. If that’s too much for you, just got for the Victoria’s Secret Angel curls, by twisting just the lower half of each section. Place the hair next to the roots flat on the curling iron and twisted towards the tips.

Faux Blowout

If you’re in a hurry and you can’t spare the time for a good blowout, you can easily fake it with fake shampoo and a curling iron. One of the best hair styling hacks, this simple technique works by curling your hair on an iron with a large barrel starting at the ends of your hair and going upwards.

Fake A Blowdry With Curlign Iron

No More Frizz

If frizz is a major issue, you can use the right product to fix it or you can avoid any product build up in your hair with a simple trick. Dry your hair by simply pressing it gently with a soft towel. If that still doesn’t leave you with a perfect frizz-free look, also try paper towels. No rubbing, just gentle pressing for little to no frizz.

Texture for Very Short Hair

At first glance, a pixie cut doesn’t allow you to crate texture with a curling iron, but one of the best hair styling hacks can help you get plenty of texture and volume. Use a bit of gel on your hair and twist small sections around your fingers while you blow dry your hair. This will create the perfect texture for short hair without much hassle.

Faux Updo for Short Hair

If your hair is simply too short for an updo, you can easily fake it with a very elegant and sophisticated finish. All you need is a teasing comb or brush and your favorite scarf. Separate the front section of your hair and tease generously at the top of the crown. Use bobby pins to secure the hair at the back and put on your scarf. Make sure it covers the back but leaves enough place at the top for the updo look your want. Tie it twice above your bangs to complete your look.

Headband Curlssource

Headband Curls

Want heat-free curls? One of the best hair styling hacks involves using a soft headband. Simply twist and tuck your hair under the thin headband, controlling the size of your curls. This technique works best on slightly damp hair and takes a few hours to set.

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