When inside or outside air is humid, moisture from the air penetrates the hair shaft, causing strands to swell and look frizzy. When hair is too dry or damaged, it develops a negative charge that causes strands to repel each other, making flyaway hairs more visible.

First of all, don’t wash your hair daily so that you allow your scalp’s oils to naturally hydrate and smooth your hair. However, if you are prone to frizz, you should apply hair conditioning regularly from the middle of your hair to the ends, where moisture is most needed. Comb your hair dry with wet fingers. If you must blow dry it, wait until your hair is halfway air-dried, then keep the dryer on low.

Hairstyling products created to battle frizz do so by protecting hair from humidity, dehydration from the sun’s rays and styling heating tools damage. If you have medium to thick hair, use a cream. Serums are better for fine or thin hair. Here are the best anti-frizz products to try.

Beauty Tips: Best Frizzy Hair Remedies

Living Proof’s lightweight anti-frizz styling cream conditions and tames frizzy unmanageable hair without overloading it. Frizz Nourishing Cream is infused with a subtle fresh citrusy fragrance. Bamboo Smooth Frizz Correcting Lotion creates sleek, shiny hair while fighting frizz and fly aways all day.

Beauty Tips: Best Frizzy Hair Remedies

SerumsSmooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum by L’Oreal instantly polishes and soothes frizz, while creating a humidity barrier to help block-out frizz and lock-in shine. To rapidly eliminate chronic, unruly frizz, use Philip B’s Anti-Frizz FormulaSprays

Samy Salon Systems’ Twisted Frizz Control Spray tames tresses, giving just the right finish to all hair. Ouidad’s Climate Control, Frizz & Flyaway Fighter Taming Spray is a finishing spray that eliminates unruly flyaways and frizz while adding instant shine. Frizz Defy Frizz Protection Hair Spray by Nexxus is a climate control hair spray that keeps your smooth style in place.