Sun and salt water can bleach any hair color, but when you don’t have a month to spend at the beach, you can try different solutions to get the beach blonde hair.

While they also give you the sun-kissed hair you want, UV rays and sea salt can also affect the health of your hair, so trying beach blonde highlights is a better way to get the look without the damage to your hair.

Beach Blonde Highlights

Hair colorists have different techniques to create the perfect beach blonde hair look. Some use foil highlights while others prefer the balayage hair coloring technique, which gives you a more natural look. Find out what type of highlights to ask for or to create yourself, based on your base color and on how light you’re willing to go.

Beach Blonde Hair Coloring

Going Beach Blonde Hair Based on Natural Color

Bleaching can mimic the sun-kissed look even for brunettes, offering a beach look easy to get with a simple home application kit. While brunettes are restricted to bleaching by two or three shades, if you have medium or light brown hair, you can go for more lighter shades. Creating the natural look can include strands of hair up to eight shades lighter.

Getting the beach blonde look is really easy for blondes, that can choose from a variety of streaking kits and apply blonde highlights in the places the sun hits the hair, around the face and around the crown.

For naturally light blondes, or women who’ve already bleached their hair to go blonde, the solution to beach blonde hair is sun-in spray, that usually gets the hair ¼ lighter with each application.

Blonde Hair Color Chart

Simple Solutions for Beach Blonde Hair

Natural ways to lighten hair and get the beach look include simple remedies, from herbal tea to lemon juice. Either buy a shampoo with chamomille or make a cup of chamomile tea and slowly rinse it through your hair before taking a shower. Let the tea sit for up to 15 minutes and repeat to maximize the effects.

Another simple way to avoid using bleach is to mix 3 parts fresh lemon juice with 1 part vodka. While chamomile tea can be applied to your entire hair, this natural solution for beach blonde hair color should be contained to specific strands. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes without the liquid spreading to other strands, then rinse your hair.

Whether you opt for beach blonde highlights or a more natural solution, make sure you condition your hair thoroughly to protect it from any damage for the perfect sun-kissed look.

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