Hair conditioning can save your hairstyle from many problems as frizz and deterioration. Whether you opt for a professional one or you do it at home, you’ll be able to give some TLC to your strands.

Be aware of the endless possibilities provided by hair care, find out more about the basic hair conditioning treatments.

Leave-In Conditioners These conditioners are aimed to give extra volume and glow to our hair. By providing the proper amount of moisture the strands become smooth and hydrated. As the name suggests these leave-in conditioners are applied without being washed off.

Whether you choose the solid or spray formula their application is extremely easy. Hair stylists recommend you to use it right before drying your hair.

Static strands can be quickly and effectively tamed with leave-in conditioners.

Rinse-Through Conditioners These hair conditioning treatments are popular forms to pamper dull hair. These require rinsing after being applied due to their shampoo-like formula.

Left on for a couple of minutes these masks will have a miraculous effect on the outer layer of the hair and are perfect for chemically treated hair.

Opt for this method for a silky smooth effect. Used often to detangle frizzy hair, rinse-through conditioners offer a high protection from harmful factors.

Among many others from the sun and humidity and especially heat.

Designed for all hair types these products must be included in our hair care routine, right after the shampooing process.

Repair or Deep Conditioners This category includes the majority of well-known deep conditioning formulas. Repair conditioners penetrate into the depth of the hair, creating a protective layer against deterioration.

From moisturizing masques, protein packs to hot oil treatments these methods need a longer period to activate. That’s why these are left on about about 20-30 minutes and finally rinsed off.

Deep or repair conditioners have a fabulous effect by moisturizing, strengthening and smoothening the hair.

Due to their high content of protein and other nutritional ingredients these deep conditioning treatments re-establish the elasticity of the hair.

Apply it after a profoundly washing your hair, leave it on, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Hair care professionals designed these treatments to deal with specific problems of color treated or permed hair.

Dryness and dullness as well as more severe problems as grease, dandruff and split-ends are among the chief aims to fight against. It is advisable to apply them only once a week.