The fact that people have different face shapes is well known by now, this is why choosing the right hairstyle and bangs style is a must if you want to look fabulous. There are a variety of bangs style ideas for your face shape, all you need to do is determine your face shape so you can select the best hairstyle for you.

Bangs hairstyles have always been popular and it’s easy to see why, they have the ability to instantly transform the look of any hairstyle, adding more style and shape to the hair. There are a variety of bangs styles to choose from, depending on the cutting technique used to create them. Choose straight across cut bangs or side swept depending on personal preference, hair type, face shape, etc. Because making the right choice is not easy, we have selected a few bangs style ideas for your face shape, as the right type of bangs can transform your look, making your look more interesting and more appealing.

Before you start choosing the bangs style that you think suits you best, you need to consider the facial features and hair type as these details can too have a great amount of saying in the final result. To make your choice easier, take a peek at the following tips:

Women with an oval face shape can consider themselves quite lucky as this face shape can pull off almost any look and any bangs style. You can go for wispy cut bangs, blunt cut bangs, side swept bangs, choppy bangs, baby bangs, asymmetrical bangs, you name it, as long as they suit your style and hair type perfectly.

If you have a round face shape you need to know that choosing the right type of bangs can soften the roundness of your face and side swept bangs can help you achieve that effect. Choose choppy side swept bangs or long side swept bangs depending on personal preference because as long as the hair doesn’t contribute to adding width to the face you will look gorgeous.

Women with square shaped faces can do without bangs or can select wispy cut side swept bangs as this type of bangs can soften the facial features enhancing your feminine look. You can choose longer wispy cut bangs if you have a medium or long hair length just to create a balanced look.

If you have a heart shaped face, you need to choose a bangs hairstyle which will diminish the width of your face but still not enhance your pointy chin. The best bangs style for your face shape are side swept bangs, so adapt them to your hair length for best results. Choose choppy bangs if you wish to add more spice to your fabulous bangs hairstyle.

Women with oblong or long face shapes need a bangs hairstyle which will create the illusion of a smaller face length and this can easily be achieved by choosing a blunt cut brow skimming bangs style. This type of bangs can conceal the forehead giving the impression of a smaller face length, but keep in mind that this type of bangs need to be sleek straight to look fabulous.

If you have a different problem, such as a narrow forehead you can too choose a bangs hairstyle, but the suitable style for you are baby bangs. This type of bangs will create a stylish and fabulous widening effect which will conceal your narrow forehead, making you look amazing.

If you are still uncertain or just are not ready to add bangs permanently to your look, you can try to fake your way to a bangs hairstyle by choosing clip-in bangs. Take the clip-in bangs to your hairstylist and cut them to suit your style and face shape and this way you can experiment without making the change to your hairstyle permanent.