Skipping the blow dryer is definitely better for your hair in the long run, but in order to get the perfect look you have to master air drying. You’ll need a few products, but the way you handle your hair while it’s drying is also very important.

Whether you have naturally straight or curly hair, check out some of the best air drying hair tips that will help you create the right look. Learn how to air dry your hair like a pro, either quickly or overnight, and you’ll be able to protect your hair from heat while also getting the most out of your hairstyle.

Shake Off Water Before Reaching for the Towel

Removing as much water as you can before using a towel is a very important step that many women who air dry their hair skip. Flip your hair upside down and shaking it in order to get rid of the water after you finish washing it. You can also use your fingers to lift the roots and that will help dry it quicker.

Use the Right Towel

Once you get most of the water out of your tresses, one of the best air drying hair tips is to choose the right towel. Light fabrics are a must, but the best choice you can make is a microfiber towel. A soft cotton, like an old t-shirt, is certainly better than a towel with a rough texture. Make sure that you gently pat and squeeze, while keeping rubbing and twisting to a minimum.

Air Dry Hair Styling

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

Whether you’re using a leave-in conditioner or your hair just doesn’t get very tangled, you should always run a wide-tooth comb through it after you’re finished using the towel. Start from the tips and work your way towards the roots. If you start at the roots, the risk of breakage is higher, even when you’re using a detangling product.

Choose the Right Hairstyle to Sleep In

One of the best air drying hair tips is to shower before you go to sleep and use a bun, twist or braid to add texture to your tresses overnight. This way, you’ll get it to look great without using any other heat styling tools to achieve the desired effect. From the plait to the high ponytail, there are plenty of hairstyles to sleep in to choose from based on the way you want your hair to look the next day.

Use Argan Oil

Getting silky smooth hair is easy with the right kind of oil. Argan oil can help you with a lot of air drying related issues, including frizz. Just make sure that you don’t apply it too close to the roots to avoid a greasy look.

Get the Perfect Texture

Even if you don’t plan on drying your hair overnight, you can still use some of best air drying hair tips and get the texture you need. Twisting your hair with a little product can result in a cute tousled look, while braids give more texture. Scrunching is the best way to get beachy waves while air drying, but you’ll also need some volumizing product.

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Find the Right Products

You can’t achieve a gorgeous look with air dried hair unless you use some product. Volumizing sprays are the right way to go for flat hair, while leave-in conditioners are great for keeping your tresses hydrated no matter their natural texture. Look for sea salt sprays if you want the beach look.

Air Dry Hairstyles

Use Curling Cream for Perfect Waves

If you’re going for a very wavy texture or have naturally curly hair, you’ll need a good curling cream. After applying it, you should also wrap the curls around your fingers from the bottom in order to tame any flyaways. One of the best air drying hair tips is using rollers for bigger curls and only taking them out once your hair is completely dry.

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Stick to Mousse for Fine Hair

Thin and fine hair needs a lighter product in order to air dry the right way. Mousse can help you create more body to your hair. Apply just a little, and scrunch for extra texture. You can also twist or braid your hair, but don’t use creams that will weight it down.

Don’t Overload Short Hair with Product

Using light sprays when you have a short hairstyle is one of the best air drying hair tips. You can easily use too much product so scale it back and make sure that you’re not applying it too close to the roots. Pomade is also a good option, regardless of your natural hair texture.