Who would resist the temptation of oh-so-sexy strands? Nobody, that’s why it is useful to find out the most precious secrets to turn out hairstyle into a real curiosity.

The styling and maintenance guidelines will help you in bringing out the best from your stylish hairdo for the rest of your life. Here are 7 tips for sexy hair.

Tip 1. Cut back on Washing Indeed it is not a flaw if you would prefer to miss the washing step before you want to create a fabulous updo. Undoubtedly even professionals advise you that dirty hair is better shaped and dressed than the ultra-neat one. Instead use a dry shampoo if it’s extremely necessary.

hot hairstyleBob Hairstyle

Hair stylists will do the same since the natural oils form the surface of our scalp add a special glow and moisture to our strands. Moreover these act as organic hair styling lotions and keep the hairdo fixed, maintaining it in its initial condition.

Tip 2. Long is Boring Plain long hair can look pretty boring. Those who would like to keep their tresses long, should at least jazz up their hairdo with stylish bangs or layers.

These two tricks will immediately turn the hairdo into a voguish one. Extra-long and symmetrical strands are not sexy at all.

Find some brainy methods to make it alluring and chic. Highlights can also come to your help by adding a special tint to your natural hair color.

Tip 3. Skip Brushing Hot hairstyles indeed have definition and volume, however if you would like to sport a breezy boho hairdo you might consider skipping the brushing process right after washing your strands.

The best way to keep the natural and at the same time glam effect is to detangle your tresses with your fingers. These will work just as effectively. Leave the comb for the very end this way sparing your follicles from any further damage.

Tip 4. Tame Frizz There’s nothing less sad than frizzy strands, especially when there is remedy for it. Be aware of the unlimited professional and homemade methods to tame flyaway hair. Use some anti-frizz serums or the proper blow-dryer to add a spectacular shine and quality to your tresses.

Tamed Frizzy HairWavy Hair

The majority of these products will offer a long-lasting effect, that you can enjoy throughout the day. Don’t forget about conditioning since this hair problem roots in the lack of natural moisturizers.

Tip 5. Time to Shine Shiny hair is not really an issue of genes. More and more people find the secret to have glowing hair through the invention of products designed to add a glamorous flair to our tresses.

Shine serums are extremely popular due to their ability to smoothen the cuticles of the hair and enhance the reflection of light. Use these sprays with confidence even on dry strands.

Shiny HairShort Hair

Tip 6. Do The Touch-Ups Unless your want to flash your naturally colored roots, you should keep in mind that the touch-ups are essential steps to maintain the high-quality of your hairstyle.

Doing this on a regular basis which means that almost every month can protect your strands from harmful factors. Those who entered the vicious circle of hair dying know that plain roots suggest a careless attitude.

Tip 7. Bangs and Layers Bangs ans layers are the must have accessories of the season’s top hairstyles. Indeed these tiny details can create the perfect shape and look to your tresses. The point is to choose from the wide range of options the one that matches the facial features and the texture of the hair.

It’s time to experiment with different styles, side-swept or straight bangs, medium or long layers all can have a charming effect on our look.