If you want to rock long beautiful tresses that ooze vitality, there are important things you should know about hair growth that will help you throughout your quest.

Hair Growth Cycle

One of the most important things you should know about hair growth is that it involves 3 main phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The first hair growth cycle phase is also called the growth phase and it usually takes up to 7 years to finalize. That being say, you might want to know that every year each of your hair follicles can grow up to 10 centimeters.

Now your hair reached the second phase of the cycle, the catagen one. This transitional step involves your hair follicles shrinking up to 1/6 of their initial length. The catagen phase can last up to 2 weeks.

Moving on to the telogen phase, you should know that it can last around 3 months during which the follicles are attached to your scalp, however, they don’t continue to grow and can be shed when the body is subjected to high stress. This is also known as the resting phase of the hair growth cycle.

Hair Anatomy

How Do You Know the Direction of Hair Growth?

So, how do you know the direction of hair growth? Well, people have different hair growth patterns, which means that not everyone’s locks grow in the same direction. What is more, there are people that can have several hair growth patterns.

Here’s what you should do: comb your hair from the front to the back and let it fall naturally. Take a look at the way your hair lays and you’ll see one of the things you should know about hair growth. More precisely, you’ll notice your hair growth patterns which means you will have taken an important step in styling your tresses.

How Do You Know If Your Hair is Growing Back: Scalp Evaluation

Sometimes you may be facing hair loss which can be caused by different factors, such as temperature drops or bad foods, and recovering from it can be a difficult process. This being said, how do you know if your hair is growing back? You should check your scalp once a week. Use your fingers to touch your scalp and, if you’re feeling it’s similar to shaving stubble, it means that your locks began to grow back. Furthermore, you may want to take into account another hint: check your pillows and blouses for shedding hair and take action accordingly, keeping in mind that losing up to 100 hairs a day is considered normal.

How Do You Know If Your Hair is Growing: Less Hair on Your Comb

Combing Hair

You should also have in mind this great ‘how do you know if your hair is growing?’ tip: always check your comb to see how much hair you lost after each combing. If you see less hair on your comb, it means that your hair is healthy and strong, therefore it has all the premises to grow again.

Plus, you might want to choose a combing method that can help you reduce hair breakage.

Thing You Should Do for Hair Growth: Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is definitely one of best things you should know about hair growth because its benefits are amazing. You should start eating top foods for hair growth such as fruits and vegetables as they’ll provide you with energy and multivitamins. This way, you’ll encourage hair growth from the inside out and you’ll make your tresses stronger and healthier.

Checking for Hair Growth Signs: Use a Mirror

This is a great tip when it comes to checking for hair growth signs because a mirror will help you see the state of your locks from the back of your head to the front. So, if you see longer strains or stubble spots, this clearly means that your hair is growing.

Promote Hair Growth Using Jojoba Oil

If you want to grow long beautiful tresses, here’s an amazing thing you should know about hair growth: start using jojoba oil. This great and nourishing oil is excellent because it has similar characteristics to the natural oils produced by the glands of the scalp. Just add a few drops of this natural oil to your regular conditioner and start massaging your scalp. Jojoba oil will make your beautiful locks grow longer in no time if you don’t have any conditions that prevent the hair from developing normally.

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