Flat and lifeless hair is no longer a problem if you try your hand at these 6 simple hair repair tricks below. Give your locks a quick energy boost by using products and homemade formulas packed with vitamins and natural oils. Prepare your tresses for extreme weather conditions and keep deterioration at bay with a few solutions from our favorite hair experts. Damaged locks are more vulnerable to coloring and styling, therefore, it is a must to invest in deep conditioning treatments.

1. Dry Hair Repair

You can wave goodbye to the coarse and frizzy texture of your do if you consider the following trick: dry locks need hydration and moisture, therefore use shampoos only two times per week. In addition to this beauty strategy it is also important to purchase products which contain nut oil, shea butter and other natural oils. Natural ingredients will moisturize the locks and seal the cuticles.

2. Split Ends Repair

Dry and deteriorated hair loses its elasticity. As a consequence, you have to invest in formulas which restore the flawless and glossy condition of your locks. The trick which solves all your hair dilemmas is to pile up on products which contain natural oils, soy protein, keratin and wheat. You can also use gelatin on split ends. According to hairstylist Ted Gibson, all you have to do is massage the warm treatment into your locks and leave it on for 30 minutes. Finally, rinse off the gelatin with tepid water. Pamper your tresses with similar ingredients to eliminate split ends and enjoy the smooth texture of your hair.

3. Dandruff Repair

Itchy scalp is one of the worst conditions which helps the appearance of dandruff. Hair stylist Oscar Blandi reveals that one of the simplest tricks to get rid of discomfort is to crush a few ibuprofen pills and add them to your favorite shampoo.

According to this specialist, the pills “work as an exfoliant to clear away the flakes on your scalp.”

4. Flyaway Hair Repair

There are a bunch of simple solutions to keep the smooth and silky texture of your hair.

This time grab a toothbrush and apply a tiny amount of hairspray on it. Then tackle the sections along the hairline and the roots to have a poker straight and super-sleek updo or half-updo.

5. Flat Hair Repair

Flat and limp locks can be the result of product build-up on your locks. In order to restore the voluminous and healthy look of your tresses all you have to do is purchase a dish soap and wash your hair with it. Kerrie Urban is one of the highly-acclaimed stylists who claims that this product is “super-clarifying and removes all traces of buildup.” Finish up cleansing your locks with a deep conditioner to prevent the damage caused by detergents.

6. Oily Hair Repair

If you’ve run out of dry shampoo, it’s time to create your own homemade solution to fight oily hair. Plain flour you’ll find in every household can be used as the perfect DIY dry shampoo. Hairstylist Mara Schiavetti says that all you have to do is sprinkle a tiny amount of flour along the hair line and on the roots. Leave the product on for 10 seconds and finally use a makeup brush to remove any residues.

Simple Hair Repair Tricks

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