The following 6 cheap home hair treatments work with natural ingredients. Fresh vegetables and fruits are packed with antioxidants and protect your locks from any damages caused by heat treatment and chemicals. Inject fun into your beauty regime by preparing your own hair care formulas and hair spa treatments.

1. Potato and Aloe Vera Treatment

Contribute to healthy hair growth and restore the shiny soft texture of your locks with this simple treatment. Use a blender to mix 1 potato with 2 tbs of Aloe Vera gel and 1 tbs of honey. Massage the paste into your locks and scalp to make sure your hair follicles absorb the vitamins. Cover your hair with a towel and leave the treatment on for 1 hour. Finally wash off the hair mask with a tiny amount of shampoo and lukewarm water.

2. Black Tea and Rum Treatment

Revitalize your tresses with a simple homemade hair treatment. In a medium bowl mix 1 tbs of black tea with 1 tbs of rum. Apply the hair mask on your strands starting from the roots and heading towards the hair tips.

After 50 minutes wash off the mixture with a few drops of shampoo and tepid water. Repeat this treatment twice a week to see the amazing impact of this ritual on your hair.

3. Lemon Juice and Acacia Honey Treatment

Provide your strands with an efficient vitality boost using this simple treatment. Prepare a mixture of 2 tbs of acacia honey and 5 tbs of organic lemon juice.

Use a brush to apply the hair mask on your strands. Leave the treatment on for no more than 10 minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water. Banish the dullness and damaged look of your hair with this simple remedy.

4. Maple Syrup and Honey Treatment

Condition hair with a delicious and hydrating hair treatment recipe. First mix 2 tbs of maple syrup with 1 tbs of honey. Put the mixture in the microwave for 17 seconds then let it cool until you’ll be able to apply it on your locks and scalp. Use a brush to spread the hair mask all over your tresses. Cover your strands with a plastic wrap, wait 20 minutes then rinse the treatment off with tepid water.

5. Beeswax and Coconut Oil Treatment

Combine these simple ingredients to deep-condition your lifeless and frizzy hair. In a medium bowl mix 1 tbs of coconut oil with ½ cup of beeswax and 1 cup of olive oil. Heat the mixture for a few seconds. Pour the lotion into a container and leave it there until it cools. The next step is to scoop out a tiny portion and apply it on your locks. Leave the hair treatment on for 30 minutes then wash it off with shampoo and tepid water.

6. Mayonnaise and Strawberry Treatment

Prepare your homemade mayonnaise and mix it with 8 mashed strawberries. Apply the hair mask on your wet locks and cover your hair with a plastic wrap. Leave the treatment on for 20 minutes then eliminate any traces of the mixture with a few drops of shampoo and lukewarm water. Use this hair repair solution to have smooth and silky locks.

DIY Cheap Hair Treatments

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