Curly hair can seem hard to tame but these amazing and easy-to-do hairstyles for frizzy hair prove the exact opposite! Are you curious to find out more? Then check out these great hairstyles for frizzy hair ideas!

Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair : Side Bun

The side bun is one of the best hairstyles for frizzy hair. You can do it at home, so you won’t need to pay your hairstylist a visit! Here’s what you need to do: after you get out of the shower, you should gather your tresses on one side (left or right, depending on personal preference). Then, apply a bit of smoothing cream on your damp curly locks and let them dry naturally.

Once your beautiful tresses are dry start finger combing your curls and pull your hair into a low side ponytail. Afterwards, wrap an elastic band around your ponytail and wrap the pony around its base. Secure the ends of the hair with bobby pins to set your bun in place.

Frizzy Hair Side BunFrizzy Side Bun

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Easy Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair: Natural Polished Curls

Are you looking for easy hairstyles for frizzy hair? If so, don’t be afraid to flaunt your natural polished curls. Just apply smoothing cream to your damp hair and then blow dry with a diffuser. Afterwards, take your favorite styling cream and wrap your tendrils around your fingers. This is an amazing way to provide your beautiful curls with more definition for a more polished look! Now you’ve reached the final step of this easy hairstyle for frizzy hair: shake your curls and spray a bit of lightweight hairspray. Enjoy!

Frizzy CurlsFrizzy Curly Hairstyle

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Short Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair: Wavy Loose Knot Updo

Take a look at one of the best hairstyles for frizzy hair. You can achieve this low-maintenance style by applying volumizing mousse to your damp locks. Let your tresses air dry and then gather your hair back at the nape of the neck, separate the hair into two parts and make a knot. Secure with bobby pins and you’ll be thrilled with the result. 

Frizzy UpdoFrizzy Updo Hairstyle

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Lovely Hairstyle for Frizzy Hair: Messy Fishtail

The messy fishtail braid is a romantic and lovely hairstyle for frizzy hair. If you want to get the look, follow these instructions. Start by applying styling mousse to damp hair and let your tresses dry naturally. Afterwards, take a few hair strands and create soft waves using a large barrel curling iron. Then take a fine-tooth comb and tease your locks at the crown to get the desired volume. Let your hair loose and start braiding your messy fishtail. Finally, define your hairstyle for frizzy hair with an elastic band and finish by pulling out a few strands to frame your beautiful complexion.

Frizzy BraidFrizzy Fishtail Braid

Hairstyle for Frizzy Wavy Hair: Glam Curls

Don’t you just love those old Hollywood ladies, flaunting vintage hairstyles, great gowns and bright red lips? If yes, you’ll definitely enjoy this hairstyle for frizzy hair. In order to get the look, you’ll need good foam rollers and a bristle brush. Apply the foam rollers on your damp locks and let them sit for 20 minutes. Then blow dry and use the brush to define your lovely glam tendrils. You can also choose to get vintage curls by using a curling iron on dry hair.

Glam Frizzy HairFrizzy Glamor Hairstyle

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Easy Hairstyle for Frizzy Hair: Wild Mane

If you’re planning to explore your wild side, you should pick this easy hairstyle for frizzy hair. Apply smoothing cream on your curls and shake out to dry. Then, add a bit of cur l cream to your fingers and apply it on individual hair strands. In the end, mist anti-frizz hairspray and enjoy your wild texture hairstyle.

Frizzy Curly HairFrizzy HairstyleFrizzy Wavy HairWavy Frizz Hairstyle

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