Every girl wants to have beautiful, long, shiny, smooth, healthy-looking hair. And, some are certainly caught up by different misconceptions and stories regarding hair care. Here are 5 of the most common hair myths exposed.

Myth: Plucking out one gray hair more will sprout in its place

We don’t know where this common misconception comes from, yet it is more like a really bad habit than a reality. There are numerous myths surrounding gray hair, yet this seems to be the most famous and widely spread. This is why you should know that plucking out does not increase the amount of gray hair you have. Still, keep in mind that if you are used to pluck gray hairs, you should stop as you might damage the roots.

Myth: There are products that can help you fix split ends

There is no doubt that the beauty industry has developed a lot lately. New products have appeared, while numerous commercials guarantee to make wonders for your skin, body or your tresses. There are products for silky or shiny hair, some for vibrant colors, and others that promise to help you fix split ends. Seriously? When it comes to split ends, no conditioner can repair them and scissors represent the only saving solution. The reality is that for healthy-looking hair you should get a trim at least every eight weeks. Besides, reducing as much as possible the use of styling tools such as curling irons and hair straighteners would be a great thing to do in order to avoid damaging your hair.

Myth: Trimming ends frequently makes hair grow faster

As we have seen, frequent trimming is extremely useful as it helps you eliminate split ends and makes your hair look healthier and better. And, even though we would love this myth to be true, in fact, frequent trims don’t make your hair grow faster. It is said that hair grows a half-inch per month regardless how often you trim it. Besides, keep in mind that hair grows from roots and not ends.

Myth: Blow-drying and sun exposure cause hair loss

This is a quite tricky business as unless done excessively, blow-drying doesn’t cause hair loss. First of all, what blow-drying does is to burn, damage and over-dry your hair. This might cause hair to fall, but this has a temporary effect since new hair will replace the damaged one. As for long sun exposure leading to hair loss, this is also a misconception. Just think at the fact that hair loss appears at the follicle level and so the sun would have to penetrate at this depth to do any damage.

Most Common Hair Myths Exposed

Myth: Shampooing every day will keep hair clean and healthy

Unless you have oily hair, try to stay away from this habit as it’s not so helpful. Specialists’ recommendation for people with coarse and dry hair is to wash it every other day. Choose the best shampoos and products for your hair type. A great thing to do would be to stay away from harsh formulas and opt instead for gentle ones.

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