Staying fabulous can take quite a lot of work sometimes. It might seem like staying gorgeous can take quite a lot of time commitment and it’s often the case. Hairstyling is one particular area where investing time is often required, which is why, especially in the morning, we might be tempted to stay in an almost permanent loose hairstyle/ponytail routine. However, looking polished isn’t as much work as it might seem at times. A little creativity can certainly save the day and a few variations can make an ordinary look complex and beautiful.

Blogger and YouTube beauty guru Dulce Tejeda, in addition to providing fun outfit alternatives to vary our look also proves extremely resourceful when it comes to creating lovely hairstyles and she provides a gorgeous simple updo variation that can help us look polished and doesn’t require complex skills in order to be created. A textured updo is a simple way to add complexity to a style without relying on time intensive tactics which can prove impractical in busy mornings.

A few simple twists can completely transform the simple updo as we know it. To create it you simply have to start by applying a texturizing spray on all your hair. Then, take small sections of hair at the crown of the head and begin twisting each one and then secure each one of them with a bobby pin. Doing so will enable you to get a more polished vibe and make it look more complex so your additional efforts will be fully rewarded. After you’re done with the twists take all the remaining hair and twist it into a bun, securing it with a few bobby pins also. Apply a medium hold hairspray to finish the look. This will enable you to make minor adjustments to the look throughout the day if you need to without ruining your look.

This look can be worn on a multitude of occasions and can work well for a variety of hair texture. In addition, this type of hairstyle is a great option on the days when your hair is a little on the oily side yet you don’t have time to wash your hair. You can also apply this idea to create an even simpler yet equally sexy look. You can also leave your hair in a ponytail for a simple and fun variation which will take even less time than this look. With minor tweaks, the hairstyle you’re sporting can prove surprisingly versatile.