Even if you’re a fan of simple hairstyles, a good accessory can take your look to a whole new level. From trendy accessories to timeless classics, discover what really works and what accessories you should probably ‘retire’.

Discover the 5 hair accessories you should own in order to create a variety of gorgeous looks and the 5 hair accessories to avoid because they can damage your hair or because they’re very hard to pull off the right way.

Must Have Hair Accessories

Whether you prefer to keep your hair accessories elegant or want to have a little fun with them, these essentials can help you achieve many beautiful hairstyles and looks.


One of the most important hair accessories you should own, headbands come in all shapes and sizes. From the hippie headbands to simple and modern black or white headbands, they can definitely add style to your look. Whether you’re going shopping or slipping into your LBD for a special date, a headband can add the wow factor to your look.


Decorative Clips

The most important thing to look for in a hair clip is that it’s safe, and it won’t snag or pull your hair leading to breakage. A handful of decorative clips that are less girly and more modern can help you secure your hair in style. Choose colors that go well with your wardrobe and stay away from neon shades unless you’re getting ready for a rave.

Invisible Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are one of the most important hair accessories you should own, but many women use them for too long. The coating on metal bobby pins is there to protect your hair, so when it’s starting to go, especially at the tip, it’s time to retire your bobby pins. Find the right color that matches your tresses and you’re all set to create fab hairstyles.

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Not all scarves are among the hair accessories you should own. Small and lightweight scarves are the right solution for a cute bandana hairstyle. Even if you’re tempted, don’t go for the turban look when you’re trying to find the best way to wear a scarf in your hair. It’s dated and very difficult to pull off in style.


Decorative Hair Pins

Whether they’re vintage or new, decorative hair pins are jewelry your hair needs for a special ocassion. Just like with bobby pins, look for a soft coating on the functional part of the pin, so it doesn’t cause any problems when it rubs against your hair or scalp.

Hair Accessories to Avoid

Some accessories should be put to rest for good, whether they’re outdated or simply harmful for your hair. For an elegant and sophisticated look, put them on the list of hair don’ts.


While they were a hit in the ‘90s, scrunchies have been completely abandoned by most women at any kind of public appearance. You may still love how practical they are when you’re cleaning up around the house, they’re definitely one of the hair accessories to avoid.

Scrunchy And Bow

Elastic Bands

Just like uncovered metal, elastic bands can wreak havoc on your hair, pulling, tangling, and creating frizz. Even when they’re covered in fabric, they tend to last very little before the elastic comes in contact with your hair. Even if they’re practical, drop them and your hair will look and feel better with the right accessories.

Banana Clips

Just like scrunchies, banana clips are one of the hair accessories to avoid because they simply belong in a different era. Simple ponytail hairstyles are much more sophisticated and you’re better off choosing a hair accessory that’s a little more modern.

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Hair Chains

Even if they can look extremely glamorous, hair chains are actually chains, which makes the risk of snagging and pulling at your hair much higher than most hair accessories. They can easily rip your hair in one wrong move, so don’t wear them over your natural hair. If you’re wearing a wig, weave or extensions, go ahead and try the look, but make sure they don’t rub against your own hair.

Faux Hair Accessories

Out of the many hair accessories to avoid, few can look tackier than an accessory with synthetic hair on it. Matching the color and texture will take a lot of effort, and even then you can’t be sure that it won’t stand out in an ugly way.

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