It’s cold outside, so you may want to think of protecting yourself against flu or cold. And what better ways than accessorizing your outfit with a stylish hat that will compliment your short hair? Here are 5 best hats for girls with short hair.

How to Wear a Hat with Short Hair: The Beret

If you want to find out how to wear a hat with short hair, you should try a beret. This fashionable hat will frame your face beautifully and will give a fresh French twist to your entire apparel. Pair this stylish hat for women with straight blunt bangs and short tresses and get ready for a stroll on Champs Élysées.

Winter Hats for Girls with Short Hair: The Knit Beanie

Knitted Beanie For Girls With Short Hair

The knit beanie is one of the most comfortable winter hats for girls with short hair. This fashionable item will keep you warm during long winter days and will prevent hair damage. So, why is the knit beanie one of the best hats for short hair girls? Because it’s very easy to wear and you can mix it with a knitted sweater, a pair of leather boots and a chic knitted scarf.

Stylish Hats for Women with Short Hair: The Floppy

One of the most stylish hats for women is the floppy one. This gorgeous and elegant hat will help you protect your short locks against cold temperatures. Moreover, you should also pick a floppy hat if you have an oblong face as it will help you make it appear shorter. And what would you say about matching one of the most stylish hats for women with a pencil skirt and a wool coat? Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?

Hat For Girls With Short HairChic Hat For Girls With Short HairBowler Hat For Girls With Short HairShort Brim Hat For Girls With Short Hair

Great Stylish Hat for Women: The Bowler

You won’t regret wearing one of the most stylish hats for women with short hair: the bowler with a short brim. Also called the derby hat, this fashion item was firstly introduced back in the 1850s. Since then, it has become very popular among those searching for the best hats styles for short hair. Wear it with textured hair and you’ll look amazing. Choose a bold lipstick to match your ensemble and your good to go.

Best Hat for Short Hair Girls: The Newsboy

Neawsboy Cap For Girls With Short Hair

Are you more of a tomboy and are you attracted by androgynous outfits? Then you should start wearing the newsboy hat. This is one of the greatest hats styles for short hair because it gives you the chance to play a little with your tomboyish side and explore fashion. If you’re asking yourself how to wear a hat with short hair, check it out! Cover your short tresses with this newsboy hat and you’ll draw the entire attention towards your eyes.

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