You could be hurting your hair every day without even knowing, so take a look at the most important healthy hair rules if you want happy and shiny tresses. Whether you have fine straight hair or curly thick one, the basics of hair care are almost identical. Get to know the guidelines to keeping your hair in shape and you’ll notice a change for the better without much delay.

Check out the healthy hair rules you need to stop breaking right away if you want beautiful hair in the long run.

1. Shampoo with Care

If your aim when you wash your hair is to get it “squeaky clean”, you’re doing it wrong. Stripping away the natural oils that protect the hair is always a bad idea. Start washing your hair every other day to keep it healthy. You can use dry shampoo or just rinse and condition (skip the roots) when you’re not shampooing. Don’t forget to get in a bit of cool water at the end to help lock in moisture.

2. Avoid Product Build-Up

Using a clarifying shampoo weekly or bi-monthly can help clear out the product build-up in your hair and is one of the most important healthy hair rules. If you find them too harsh, you can also try a simple apple cider vinegar rinse every week. It helps remove product build-up without stripping all the natural oils from your hair. Use it before you shampoo and condition.

Condition Regularly

3. Condition Regularly

Moisture is the most important thing when it comes to healthy, shiny hair. Besides conditioning a few times a week, you should also consider a deep conditioning treatment or a hair mask. For most types of hair, twice a month is enough, but if you have curly or kinky hair you might need it once a week.

4. Make Sure You’re Using a Good Hairbrush

When it comes to long term investments in your hair, the humble hairbrush is one of the most important. If you have great experiences with your natural boar brush you can stick to it, but with a mixed one, you could get even better results. The combination of boar and nylon bristles is the best of both worlds and brushing daily is one of the most important healthy hair rules.

5. Check Your Hairbrush and Comb Regularly

When bristles get worn out, they start taking it out on your hair. Check your hairbrush and comb a rough texture and don’t hesitate to buy a new one if they feel even slightly abrasive. Make sure you also check both items when you buy new ones by running them down your skin. If that doesn’t feel right, it won’t be right for your hair either.

6. Limit the Use Heat Styling Tools

Even your blow-dryer can get too hot for your hair, but flat irons and curling irons are the real enemies of beautiful and healthy hair, along with hot rollers. Always use a thermal spray for your hair and try to use heated styling tools less. Protecting your hair from excessive heat is one of the fundamental healthy hair rules.

No Heat Braids

7. Take Care of Split Ends

When you start noticing you have split ends, you need a trim. You can delay it with a hair mask, but you’re better off just trimming split ends every 8 weeks. If your hair is very sensitive, the splitting can even start in 6 weeks after taking off the ends. Don’t ignore split ends because they’re bad for your hair’s health and look.

8. Avoid Tension at the Roots

It’s not just braids and cornrows that create unwanted tension at the roots. Buns and ponytails can be equally damaging. If you care about healthy hair rules, try to limit creating tension, since it can lead to hair damage and even hair loss in the long run. Metal and plastic hair accessories can also damage your hair, and even elastic bands should only be worn when absolutely necessary.

9. Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Even if you’re not coloring your hair constantly, you should keep it protected from the harmful UV radiation that fades color and hurts your hair in the long run. Whether you use a hat or a scarf, protect your hair when you know you’ll be outdoors for a long time. You’ll also protect it from the drying power of wind.

10. Eat Well

Even if you follow all the healthy hair rules, you can still end up with limp and unhealthy hair if you don’t feed your hair correctly. Low-protein diet usually have the worst effects on your hair. Even if you want to eat less protein, make sure you get plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E for healthy and beautiful hair.

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