Neither long nor short, a medium-length hair with locks falling on your shoulders enjoys an amazing versatility. Therefore, you can play with different styles taking into consideration the event you need to attend and your features too. There are a myriad of beautiful, stylish haircuts you can adopt on a medium hair. Whether we are talking about a trendy long bob, a romantic chignon, or retro waves, you’ll still look stunning with a shoulder-length hair.

Regardless your hair type, straight or curly, you shouldn’t worry at all, as there are options for everyone. Moreover, all the styling tools and products available on the market represent trustworthy allies when it comes to making the perfect hairstyle. With just a few basic skills and patience, you can try an effortless style for a daytime look or soft, gentle curls for a more special event. Wavy medium-length hair adds a chic, retro touch to your appearance.

A graphic bob is a very trendy hairstyle for fall/winter 2010-2011 that implies a medium-length hair emphasized by thick, blunt bangs. You can keep your bangs straight or more rounded. Usually, a graphic bob works well for everyone regardless their hair type. However, the best result can be obtained on straight, thick hair.

For those of you who have curly or fine hair, you should use a hair straightener if you want to get the look. One essential thing that is applied not only to a graphic bob, but to all types of bob, is that it should have a healthy, silky and shiny aspect.

Another bob that is en vogue this season is the layered one. The layered bob comes in different versions, from the shorter one to a longer one. Layers throughout your hair will refresh your look adding movement. Moreover, a layered bob is easy to style and very practical, whether you have an important business meeting or a romantic date. Besides, you don’t have to worry as it is flattering for every face shape. This hairstyle looks great if you add side swept bangs.

This is one hairstyle that works especially on naturally curly or wavy hair. It is the perfect choice when you want to reflect the wild side in you, yet keep a sweet touch too. Leave the cascading curls to beautifully frame your face. In order to enhance the cut, set the parting to one side. For styling you just need some hair mousse and a blow dryer. You can also cut longer bangs that add a romantic, yet a sexy and feminine feeling if you let them falling naturally on the forehead.

A medium-length hair looks great when it is super straight as it can be both casual and glamorous. This style can be obtained much easier on naturally straight hair using just the straightener. On the other hand, if you have curly hair, the process is much more difficult. As for the parting, you’ll look great with a middle one and the hair gently framing your face. You can break up a mid-length cut with layers. This way you’ll create a fluid, yet volumized look.

When looking for something more unique and eye-catching, try a chic, retro chignon with the effect of a studied-messy bedhead updo hairstyle that you can easily achieve in no time.

The basic idea is to create a loose chignon and leave a few locks of hair to frame the face. It works amazing for square and angular faces, as it sweetens the features. You can choose the chignon both for straight or curly hair. This is one versatile hairstyle for medium-length hair that you can wear at the office or to a more festive event. For a more special occasion, you should add a gorgeous hair accessory.

If you are a big fan of retro hairstyles, this is one special choice that can draw all the attention. It can easily be made on medium-length hair and it looks mesmerizing on blondes. This is a half updo inspired by the ’60s style. Slightly rounded and teased, with a side parting and gentle wavy tips, this retro hairstyle is perfect if you want to stand out and emphasize you feminine, chic side. Adding a headband will only enhance the beauty of this hairstyle.