Where do we cross the line when it comes to originality and awkwardness? Although some hair style choices can be innovative and original others are simply too weird to be considered stylish and sometimes even acceptable. Check out some quirky hairstyles just in time for Halloween.

Sometimes defining artistic skills and innovation becomes a fairly challenging task especially if edginess is seen as a highly suggestive term. Breaking the conventional style rule can be a source of innovation and breakthroughs when it comes style, but sometimes things go a little too far and the reactions become more negative and critical. In some cases certain hairstyles become a good match for certain events as well as thematic parties. Since Halloween is just around the corner some of the following hairstyle might be a good source of inspiration to complete your outfit and produce a lasting impression.

Playing up with volume and taking it to almost hyperbolic proportions has always been a trick that hairstylists have used to create bold, interesting hairstyles that reflect a nonconformist attitude. Although this technique can deliver great results when used properly, when certain limits are crossed the effect tends to be quite the opposite from what we might expect. Whether a simple updo hairstyles is desired or a more complex hairstyle is chosen, things can definitely take a wrong turn, creating interesting yet practically unwearable results.

Overusing certain hair styling techniques is rarely recommended if you want to get a refined look that will highlight your best features. Yet if you are looking for a way to create controversial reactions and shock everyone, this technique might be just what you need to achieve your goals.

Although geometry is often used successfully to create modern asymmetrical haircuts, when it comes to hair styling geometry is rarely the main focus. Adopting geometric principles when comes to styling can help us create a futuristic hairstyles with ease. As long as we have enough patience and the right styling tools to put these ideas into practice, creating some of these hairstyles is relatively easy.

Those who insisted on getting micro-braids only to find that they can get really boring after a while, can learn to think out of the box by creating a different type of updo. The turban-like shape is quite easy to create for those who have long strands being a practical idea for a last minute thematic party idea.

Although long hairstyles are the most versatile in terms of styling techniques that can be used, with a little help from the continually evolving beauty industry everyone can customize his or her look to match the desired or the vision when it comes to creating certain look.

With enough mastery or with a proper, solid knowledge when it comes to the best places to purchase bizzare, unusual wigs you can totally become the main center of attention.
If your idea of showing your wild side happens to include a wild animal made out of hair or you want to show your affection for your beloved pet, a hairstyle with this type of theme can be a good answer. The only downside of this idea is that the chances of succeeding at making it yourself are basically slim to none.

Awkward yet original this type of hairstyles often takes the concept of eccentricity to a whole new level challenging us to rethink our rules when it comes to what is really appropriate and what is beyond a certain limit of acceptance. Innovative, weird or downright funny bizzare hairstyles manage to take us out of our normal routines every single time.

Weird Hairstyles