These days you have to be able to create several looks from just one haircut, depending on the occasion. There are many quick and easy style changes you can do with your hair at home and all you need are braid the fringe section (you can even pull out strands to create a boho look) and then pull it to one side and secure with a bobby pin.


Bump Hairstyle

Infusing hair with body and bumping your hairstyle is perfect to give some drama to your look for a night out, but also a great trick to disguise finer hair types.Position the bump at the crown for a ’60s retro feel, or create a bump with bangs or longer layers at the front.

Curly Hairstyle

Texture and movement work for any occasion. From relaxed and tousled curls to glam curls, it’s a great way to make your hair look drastically different.

Big curls are pure glam when styled with a glossy finish. To get them, curl hair with a curling iron, section by section, then pin each curl to your head to cool down and set.

When releasing the curls smooth them out carefully with a paddle brush to create tumbling waves or shake them out, raking through with your fingers to separate the curls.

Change the Parting

This can be a simple style switch, but changing your parting can completely change the look and the feel of your style. Those with fine hair often avoid wearing side parting as it can make one side of the hair look even finer. To make your hairstyle look even on both sides, create a diagonal parting, starting on one side of your forehead, gradually moving towards the center.

Team the middle parting with long layered hairstyles or hair that has some texture and movement. Wearing the middle parting with poker straight hair is very hard to pull off, as it suits only oval and round face shapes, while side partings suit and flatter all face shapes. A strong side parting teamed with hair that’s swept to one side is a great hair trend inspired from the ’80s.