A waterfall braid will add a playful detail to your medium or long tresses. Use the waterfall braid, which is a modified French braiding technique, to create a hairstyle that works great for both daytime and formal events. 

Some hairstyles are best left in the hands of professionals, but not in this case! The best thing about the waterfall braid is that you don’t need any special tools to create it and you can really play with it once you get the hang of waterfall braiding! Add it to long, straight locks for a Cali-girl vibe or pair waterfall braids with curls for an interesting dual texture.

Follow this waterfall braid tutorial with step-by-step video instructions to learn this really cool hair braiding technique! And remember, practice makes perfect!

Waterfall Braid Steps

1. Start by creating a deep side parting and brush out all the knots in your hair. Tip: Work with day-old hair to have a better grip when braiding.

2. Begin braiding in the front and divide hair into three equal sections. 

3. Use the simple three strand braiding technique to place the left strand over the right one, then the right strand down the middle of the braid. 

4. Repeat placing the left section on the middle, then pick up a new strand of hair on the right and move this piece over the center.

5. Release the left strand, adding a new strand from the bottom and move it over the middle strand. The trick that gives the cascading effect is dropping one section of hair at the bottom as you braid your hair three times.

6. Repeat this move and continue braiding until you have reached the back of the head and secure ends with a clear elastic.  

Waterfall Braiding Photos

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Hair by Laura Popovici for BecomeGorgeous.com

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