When it comes to creating unique and original hairstyles nothing can beat the incredible effect that a dash of color can have. In the field of hair coloring courageous decisions can immediately pay off when funky hairstyles are desired. Adding a few vividly colored highlights is one of the surest ways to break the patterns and avoid boredom, so check out the following hairstyles to see how you can perk up your style with these bold choices.

Highlights are often used to create dimension and to add movement to a hairstyle. Although sometimes highlights are used as a way to balance a hair color and to make it more suitable for the skin tone, many women like to experiment with different colors for the sole purpose of updating a hairstyle. When the colors chosen fall within the normal range the results are usually predictable and the change is not so radical. However, when the choices in color become bolder, the hairstyle immediately begins to attract attention as it has a certain touch of uniqueness.

To create unique colors, sometimes several hair dyes need to be mixed to create the desired effect. Due to the high number of combinations that can be made, the chances of finding an original looking shade tend to be considerable. Depending on the shades chosen, the highlighting techniques differ. Sometimes, when the hair colors chosen belong to the same category, the hair strands that are highlighted can be thicker to create a more natural looking style with a twist.

This way, the overall structure of the hair style is only noticed when the hairstyle is observed from a small distance. If you like this style, it is recommended to turn to the services of a experienced professional hair stylist because it can be very difficult to get this look at home, even for those who have acquired a certain experience when it comes to hair dyeing.

Fiery bright red and pink tones are often preferred, especially by teens due their amazing power to create striking contrasts especially when applied on a dark colored hair. Typically, the highlights chosen tend to be relatively thick and limited to the front part of the hair but there are also various exceptions that confirm the rule. The truth is that when you decide to play with various unusual colors you are the only one that can set limits when it comes to how far you go as well as to what hair sections will be dyed to create the style you dream of.

In terms of popularity, purple and blue highlights are next in line. These highlights are often blended with other color for the purpose of creating complex hairstyles trough a diverse palette of colors. When combined with darker colors, purple shades have an unexpected effect as the colors appear to be lighter than they really are, a thing that is rather unusual for cold colors. A cool combination that has also been spotted on the red carpet is combining three apparently different colors to create an usual, yet highly creative and elegant hairstyle. A simple hairstyle can be taken to the next level by combining a brunette hairstyle with blonde highlights with blue highlights as shown in a picture below.

If in the case of dark shades you have to think well before applying hair color, blonde hairstyles offer more versatility. Lightly colored blonde tresses can be easily colored even with temporary hair dye, so in a sense light shades offer a certain safety net when it comes to hair coloring. For a funky touch to a conventional hairstyle you can also try frosted tips as a highlighting technique. This will not only add a higher degree of versatility to the hairstyle due to the fact that you will be able to get rid of the color at any time without loosing length, but it will also prove to be highly elegant in a unique way.

Green highlights are also a good way to spice things up and to add a touch of color to an otherwise simple hairstyle. Because green is considered to be a quite strong color most women tend to use it in moderation to create the desired outcome. Although green can be combined successfully with other highlights colors, most people prefer not to go overboard and rarely combine it with more than one color.

When a variety of warm colores are combined, an interesting touch is being created in the process. Due to the strong similarity of the colors of the highlights the created effect is one that is subtle enough, but at the same time it's not ordinary in any sense.