Fabulous looking hair can be at the tip of your fingers once you’ve mastered the right hair styling techniques, so if you’re ready to take your long, lustrous hair to the next level, check out the following versatile braided ponytail hair tutorial signed Lilith Dark Moon. Put your skills to the test as this is a technique that will not challenge your skills yet still give spectacular results that are bound to make heads turn.

This particular hair braiding technique can help you achieve three fabulous hairstyles that work from day to evening and which can definitely turn you into a hairstyle diva that everyone will want to copy, so if you’ve got medium to long locks, give these hairstyles a try and find out which suits your style best. Because at the base of this hairstyle is a straight braided ponytail, the best results can be achieved on thick, straight (straightened) long hair and thankfully the vast range of natural hair extensions provide the extra thickness and length women with fine or shorter locks need to style their locks to perfection. Thus, after you’ve applied the the hair extensions, gather your hair into a high centered ponytail and wrap a bit of hair over its base to cover up the hair elastic you used to secure the pony as this way the result will be so much more elegant.

Keep the ponytail nice and sleek and separate a section of hair from the side of the ponytail’s base, section of hair which you’ll divide into three to create the fab braid. To achieve the interesting lace braid effect braid the three sections for a couple of inches and then continue by adding thin hair strands from the opposite side of the ponytail, adding each strand to the middle strand of your braid. Continue adding hair diagonally from the other side of the ponytail until you reach the end or the style that you feel most comfortable sporting. Once you’re done, secure the end of the braid using a thin hair elastic.

An alternative to those who wish to obtain a ladder effect ponytail, with hair strands going straight rather than diagonally, is to separate a section of hair from under the ponytail and a side section just like in the previous look. Secure the thick ponytail with a hair elastic, allowing only the hair you separated (from below the ponytail) to remain free and braid the hair adding sections of hair from the loose section of hair from the opposite side, over the ponytail. Continue until you’re done incorporating all the loose strands into the braid. Secure with a hair elastic and voila! A fab looking hairstyle in minutes!

If you wish to achieve an elegant updo without any effort, follow the braiding steps from the first style (the one that gives diagonal ladder patterns) and once you’ve finished the look, take the end of the hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, securing the ends using bobby pins. Keep your locks simple or add a stylish hair accessory to accentuate your instant braided updo hairstyle.

Photos courtesy of Lilith Moon Facebook