A unisex haircut with shorter sections, the undercut hairstyle is increasingly popular for women. Shearing away a section of hair is the punk version of this style, but you can also sport the undercut hair look without cutting too much.

A popular style for men for much longer, the undercut hair has become a hot edgy look after the likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus played with its punk sensibilities.

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Undercut Hair for Women

The most popular version of the undercut for women involved shearing one side of the head, that can add a punk or grunge edge without sacrificing the longer locks that remain on top.

Closely related to the girl mohawk, the undercut usually involves an asymmetrical look that highlights just one side of the head, where the hair is either shorn or worn in cornrows.

The modern undercut hairstyle strays from the more extreme look sported in the 80s, for a looser and longer cut with layered and a softer finish. Don’t worry if you’re exposing dark roots by having your hair shorn for the undercut haircut: it’s part of the look.

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Celebrities Who Love Undercut Haircuts

Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are amongst the latest singers to sport the (faux) undercut look that Gwen Stefani has been trying on and off for more than a decade. While singers like Kelis and Cassie go for a more extreme version, with shorn sides, Hollywood stars like Liv Tyler, Milla Jovovich and Scarlett Johansson prefer getting the look without any long term effects.

Faking the undercut with cornrows can be equally trendy and it gives you time to get used to the cut without having to shorten your hair too much when you’re bored with the look.

Liv Tyler Braid Faux UndercutLiv TylerMilla Jovovich Undercut Hair with BobMilla JovovichChristina Aguilera Braid Faux UndercutChristina Aguilera Kesha Faux Braid Undercut HairstyleKe$ha

How to Wear the Undercut without Shaving

Getting the faux undercut is fairly simple if you have long hair and are inspired by this look that worked for Ke$ha and Christina Aguilera. The first step is making a deep side part, close to the ear on the side you want the undercut. Temporarily secure the top portion of the diagonal strands while you apply mousse to the lower half and blow dry.

Use a boar-bristle brush to pull your hair to one side as you prepare to braid. Create the cornrows vertically starting at ear level and secure the tips of the braids.

Once you’re done with braiding you can release the top section and add dry shampoo for extra texture, to complete the look of undercut hair styles without making any permanent changes to your look.

Scarlett Johansson Faux UndercutScarlett JohanssonGwen Stefani Faux Undercut HairstyleGwen Stefani

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