A touch of color can be a great way to update an old hairstyle, especially if contrasts are being used cleverly. Two toned layered hairstyles are guaranteed to attract attention and put you on the spotlight, so check out a few stylish ideas for every hair length.

Layered haircuts are undoubtedly some of the most interesting hairstyles regardless of the hair length especially if you prefer architectural hairstyles with lots of geometric accents such as harsh angles and edgy lines. None of the less, at times even the most complex haircuts can appear a little bit dull, especially if you are the type of person who loves variety and wants to make frequent changes in order to explore as many alternatives as possible.

Adding a touch of color in order to create an eye catching contrast is one of the most frequently used methods to add a touch of edginess and interest to a hairstyle. From the most conservative and somewhat traditional color choices to more modern and daring alternatives, finding the right look for you depends on what you are trying to get as well as how adventurous you want to go when it comes to the color choice. While a two toned style can be very discreet if you select two shades that belong to a similar color palette, if you choose something to create contrast, particularly by turning to strong, bold, unexpected colors, the effect will be much stronger.

The placement of the new color as well as the method used are some crucial aspects you should think about before choosing the actual color as these aspects will influence the overall result to a great extent. Since a bolder color will immediately become a focal point for your hairstyle, it is important to make sure that the placement is an optimal one. A wrong placement can draw attention to the features you are not proud of and maybe even feel self conscious about, so placing it in an area that draws attention to your best features is generally the way to go.

Another aspect that can apply to all hair lengths but is especially important for short to medium hairstyles is the styling alternative. Many times the additional tone is highlighted by styling it the best and tends to look a little dull otherwise. Therefore, it is important to establish whether your are willing to spend an extra amount of time styling the highlighted area or not.

The effect it produces after is perhaps the defining factor that shapes your decision and has the most influence over the final result. The width of the highlighted area is an important factor when it comes to the overall boldness of the new look. While thin hair streaks might be easier to camouflage in the case of a failed hair coloring experiment, chunkier highlighted streaks will tend to create an edgier worth admiring look.
In a sense, your tolerance to risk as well as the level of comfort when it comes to being in the spotlights should be the main factors to be assessed to be able to make the right decision.

If you are looking for something that will flatter your features before anything else, you should think of whether you want a color that will light up your color or that will have a darkening effect.
In general, the closer to the face a color is, the more intense the highlighting effect will be. In addition, placing these highlights closer to the face will also have a framing effect on the facial features. Considering some of these factors will generally make it easier to understand your needs and to act based on them.

Due to the fact that in most cases the change from a monochrome hairstyle to a two toned hairstyle tends to be quite noticeable weighting all the pros and cons of the decision and analyzing the factors that the change entitles is crucial in order to be able to make the right choice that will give you satisfaction over the long term and get a multitude of positive comments along the way.