Fans of a classy still funky hairstyle might find Rainbow hair colors pretty edgy. However, there’s no need to pile up the highlights to sport a brand new and eye-popping look. Two-toned hairstyles offer you the chance to be chic and at the same time not get bored of the same look. The desired hairstyles can be best achieved if you contact a professional, however the brave ones might try it at home.

The versatile aspect of this hair dressing technique is given by the endless options it offers to choose between different designs. Whether you go for a complete two-sides two-tone do, or you prefer spreading chunks of a different color all over the head, the secret is in the planning. If you know the perfect designs, you’ll be able to leave the public with jaws dropped.

Two-toned hairstyles as the name reveals presuppose the use of two different hair colors. However, there’s no limit in the choice of the shades. If you prefer the classy and more natural look, you can go for these hairstyles that use colors from the same tone category. The light and darker shades of the same neutral color seem to perfectly complement a gorgeous haircut. Opt for colors that differ in 2-3 shades and you’ll get a less edgy hairstyle.

This hair styling method often requires the coloration of larger chunks rather than peek-a-boo highlights. Use your creativity to style your strands in the ideal manner to emphasize the colored parts and especially the contrast or the harmony between the two shades. Sleek hair reflects best the tint cavalcade, however, a healthy and perfectly shaped curly hairdo can look just as fabulous with a similar do.

Contrasting colors have the power to perk up a plain do. Those who are confident enough to experiment on a larger scale of tones might find it amazing that two-toned hairstyles are able to harmonize two colors that are on the two extremes of the palette. In spite of the fact that these styles seem non-conformist and eye-popping, they won’t give you the same edgy look, that’s why they can be sported also by those who would like to cut back on drastic changes, but still preserve the groove.

The colors can vary in endless combos, from the cold to the warm shades and back. The only condition to avoid the messy look is to pair the tones that complement your skin tone and face shape. You can proceed by layers or the sides, ‘you-name-it’, go ahead and test the limits of your creativity.

Those who would like to juggle with the shades will find two-toned hairstyle the best solution. Indeed, if you have a vivid colored hairdo and you’re fond of the basic shade, you might think of choosing as the second choice a tint that is either lighter or darker than the basic tone. Rainbow colors as well as neutral ones when combined with their variants look fabulous. These, besides adding a breath-taking effect to your strands will also boost their volume and natural glow. If you’re not skilled in the mastery of coloring, contact a professional hair stylist who will furnish you with the do you dreamed of .