The constant need for change determined hairstylists to create new fab hairstyles season after season. If you’re ready to perk up your styling routine and try a few new ‘dos, take a peek at the following professional hairstyles and try to recreate these looks in your own home. There are various trendy ways to wear your long hair in 2012, all you need to do is give these hairstyles a try and pick the ones that offer you the best advantages.

Face shape and style are definitely two determining factors when it comes to choosing a new hairstyle, so don’t opt for a style that doesn’t suit you just because it’s hot!

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Ponytail hairstyles and half updos look amazing and can be the hairstyles you can turn towards to look fabulous from day to evening. The longer the hair, the more spectacular the result will be, so test various styles and pick your favorites. Swish your hair to the sides amping up the volume and braiding the hair to emphasize your length, add gentle waves to your length or flick it to stand out and pin the hair on one side allowing the rest of the hair to flow gently around the other side, obtaining a very sexy and classy look.

High ponytails look gorgeous and can definitely save you from a bad hair day. Pull your hair and set it as high as you desire, securing it with a hair elastic. Separate a hair strand which you can braid or simply warp it over the hair elastic, pinning the end to obtain a cool and concealed base that will make a huge difference for your look.

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Updos have made a mega comeback, so why not make the best out of your locks and reveal your stunning facial features?! From classic French twists to modern top knots, high volume ballerina buns and messy textured loose updos anything goes, so experiment with various updo hairstyles and pick the ones that work for you. Sophisticated updos can take a while to style but simple updos can be achieved in just minutes if you have the right tools. The best thing about updo hairstyles is that they are a perfect match for all hair textures, meaning you’ll look fab whether your locks are styled sleek straight, wavy or curly.

All natural hair styles are never going to be out of style, so if you’re searching for a simple look, opt to enhance your natural hair texture. There are also various tools which can help you go from sleek straight hair to vintage waves and fab rich curls, all you need to do is make sure you have these products and tools on standby. Glossy well defined curls, sleek straight hairstyles as well as soft waves incorporated throughout your hair will make a difference, so make the best out of your hair as the result will definitely work to your advantage. Hairstyles can have an immense impact over your physical appearance, so choose well and surely you’ll make heads turn!

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