Are you tired of wearing the same hairstyle? If so, take a peek at the following trendy wavy hairstyles ideas as they can help you instantly update your 'do and look amazing!

It's a well known fact that along time a variety of hairstyles have been developed, hairstyles which go and go out of style, depending on the new fashion styles. A fashionable outfit and a trendy hairstyle can contribute greatly to your physical appearance and create a complete look which attracts positive attention. Some of the most popular hairstyles this year are trendy wavy hairstyles, as these hairstyles create a soft and feminine look which suits almost all face shapes.

Wavy hairstyles can easily be created using a variety of methods as there are several hair styling products and tools which have been developed to help create fabulous hair waves on different hair types and hair lengths. Wavy hairstyles have increased in popularity due their gorgeous look, as they offer something different than simple straight or curly hairstyles. They seem to offer a little bit of both, so no wonder they are so popular.
Because nowadays all hair lengths are popular we have put together some tips to help you create different wavy hairstyles to suit your style and to make you look amazing:

Short wavy hairstyles

Short hairstyles have increased in popularity over the last couple of years due to their amazing look as well as low maintenance level. It seems that low maintenance hairstyles suit the needs of the modern world we are living in and the new hair cutting techniques as well as the hair styling techniques allow short hairstyles to stand out and look hotter than ever.

In order to achieve a trendy short wavy hairstyle one needs to allow the hair to have a bit of length, just enough to create the subtle hair waves using hair styling mousse or any other styling product which can help create the desired effect. For a more stylish look cut the hair shorter on the sides and allow the rest of the hair to grow longer, this asymmetry looking fabulous on women who can pull off a short crop.

Medium wavy hairstyles

This length is definitely one of the most popular hair lengths when it comes to haircuts and this is due to the fact that medium hairstyles offer more versatility than short hairstyles but still have a lower maintenance level than long hairstyles. Medium length wavy hairstyles look fabulous and match perfectly most face shapes due to the soft and feminine look exuded by this hair style.

Hair waves can be easily obtained on layered as well as blunt cut hair using a variety of methods such as using a round brush, a triple barrel hair waver, a flat iron, hair styling mousse, etc. Try to stick to subtle hair waves when it comes to this hair length for best results as a balance is needed in order to achieve the desired result. If your hair is naturally curly, blow dry your hair straight using a round brush and then create the subtle hair waves for best results.

Long wavy hairstyles

Long hairstyles are the most versatile hairstyles you can opt for as this length allows you to style your hair as you wish regardless of your hair type. The new hair styling tools and techniques available today can help you achieve the desired look in minutes without having to make the change permanent. Long wavy hairstyles look fabulous and can suit casual as well as formal occasions.

Keep in mind to style the hair waves from around ear length for best results and allow the hair on top of the head to fall beautifully straight. You can create the wavy hairstyles look using different hair styling tools on all hair types such as a round hair styling brush, a triple barrel hair waver, a flat iron, a curling iron or by braiding the hair. Choose the technique which you feel most comfortable with and create a fabulous look.