There is no better time when you can try new, funky hairstyles, as when you are in your teenage years. Teen hair fashion is as important as having new, trendy clothes, shoes and accessories. Movie stars and music idols play an important role in the constant change of the teen hairstyle trend. Do you want to have a similarly glamorous look like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato?

You can shine even more glamor if you feel comfortable in your own skin and find the right style that matches your personality. A great haircut will give you confidence and will help you to make friends more easily. Are you always in a rush, but want to have an impeccable look every day, whether you are at school or just hanging out with your friends? Here are some trendy teenage hairstyles that will highlight your beauty and make you look flawless!

Long hair is beautiful when it’s healthy and is styled in the right way. If you have a long curly hair, you can boost it by having a haircut that is longer in the back and cut shorter in the front, till the lip line. If your hair is long and straight, you can add more volume to it by layering it. For an extra glam look, you can even jazz it up with some bangs or side bangs and fringed edges that will make your hair more flattering. Texture can brighten up even the thinnest hair and gives you a chic look. Long shags are also very trendy hairstyles for teens. A long shag cut will give you a funky, messy look. You can also try classic hairstyles such as ponytails, or you can choose braiding your hair in many different ways. These simple and ready-to-go hairdos never go out of fashion. Add some spice to your look by using hair accessories and headbands. Waves, curls, trendy messy buns are amongst the hottest teen hairstyles in 2010. Long hair will give you countless options and styles to play with.

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Medium long or shoulder length hair is a practical, yet very sexy haircut. You can go for a medium bob, or an inverted bob hairstyle that can elongate a round face and is very hot in 2010. Don’t be afraid to be funky and original. You can also opt for layers that will instantly give amazing volume to your hair. Layered haircuts will accentuate your beautiful features and give you a trendy look. Tousle the edges of your hair with styling gel or styling mousse. Girls with wavy hair can also choose a wavy shag hairstyle. Short hairstyles are the best choice for active, carefree teens who don’t want to waste their time styling their long locks. Short haircuts are very trendy and easy to maintain. Shag hairstyles, short bobs or pixie haircuts can look amazing on short hair. Leaving a few strands to fall on one of your eyes will give you an attractive look and a style worth of envy. You are young and playful, so be daring to try new, trendy looks and show off with your gorgeous hairstyle and once you got tired of it, go for the next one! Colors, styles, textures and the latest hairstyle trends will give you countless possibilities to choose from.

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