Latest Highlight TrendsWhether your cut is a classic or cutting-edge, give it a unique stamp with some head-turning highlights!

Heavy BandedA chipped-into surface and uneven fringe push the envelope, but painting a bright golden band into one side pushes even harder. You can sprinkle natural-looking narrow highlights throughout a style like this for a pretty effect, but one single strand shows a true rock n’roll edge.

Ruby SliversNot only does hair color add interest to fine, straight hair, it can actually make it look thicker too. Snipping locks to collarbone length with a full swoop of bangs is the first step in shaping up skinny strands, but the real icing on the cake are those deep ruby slivers swimming through the surface.

Gorgeously GoldenTrends come and go, but we can say it certainly that long, meticulously-highlighted blonde strands will never really fall out of fashion. Layered hair looks especially pretty with sunny streaks because the color seems to swirl so gracefully within its every swoop and swerve.

Chocolate DipMany blondes live in fear of dark roots, but darkness on the tips can be a lot of fun!For a really modern look, have hair colored a light blonde shade, then dip just the ends in a rich, deep color. You will get tons of contrast and depth, not to mention the attention.

Rear HueIf you want to look good coming and going, keep in mind that your hair is three-dimensional – just because your never see the back of your head doesn’t mean nobody else does! For an unexpected exit, have a few bright panels painted through back strands only.

Bit of ButterscotchThe greatest thing about hair color is that there are no rules. Who says you have to have even, all-over streaks? Catch the crowd off guard by positioning patches of color in random, off-killer places.There’s no real rhyme or reason to those bits of butterscotch floating around in this style, but they definitely work.