Each year hairstyles are subjected to various transformations in an attempt to uncover more possibilities that allow us to take our current hairstyle to the next level. In 2010 the styling options are more than interesting as the top hairstyles of this year are bold and daring challenging our limits with dramatic changes and jaw dropping styling techniques.

Each year brings a series of novelties when it comes to hairstyles trough various methods: hair cutting techniques, hair coloring, the attitude towards styling techniques as well as the inspiration sources used to create dazzling hairstyles. Subtle changes in any of these areas can open up a whole world of new possibilities that can be explored by adding a few variations to one single style.
These much awaited changes are a constant challenge for hair stylists who have to diversify their skills and their expertize to meet all the new demands and to find ways to add new distinctive touches.

The hairstyles of this year reflect a strong tendency towards finding unconventional, radical style changes characterized by their versatility and great diversity. If last year was all about subtlety, this year hair stylists advise us to experiment with bold haircuts, funky colors and to maintain an open mind when it comes to the styling options we can use to upgrade our hairstyle. While the hairstyles should have a unique twist, they should also be highly adaptable to a variety of occasions.
Textured hairstyles seem to have taken the place of sleek straight hairstyles for all hair lengths, but especially for short and medium hairstyles.

Short hairstyles
As far as short hairstyles are concerned, hair texturizing is one of the main things we should direct our attention to. The most important rule when playing with different textures is to make sure that they flatter your face shape.
Messy textures and punk inspired hairstyles continue to be a hot trend for the fall season, although many women might be tempted to try out short hairstyles with a masculine touch that offers an overall confident allure while being low maintenance at the same time.

Asymmetric haircuts in which a hair section is longer than the rest of the tresses are also preferred due to the edginess and additional styling options they provide. The hair styling techniques and products used tend to be of prime value as they are the most important way in which a short crop can be upgraded on a daily basis.

Medium hairstyles
Medium hair length offers a lot more styling and hair cutting possibilities compared to short hair. However, when it comes to the latest trends there aren't many surprises. Different variations of bob haircuts continue to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to hairstyles that look good at any age, whereas shaggy layers are preferred by those who want more dramatic cuts that have a strong face framing effect and that can be styled in a variety of ways to create strong impressions.

Medium curly hairstyles tend to provide an undeniable elegance especially when they are well defined and a flawless looking structure is created with the help of curl enhancing products. When paired with straight side swept bangs, curly styles can instantly be transformed and a powerful impression is created as the contrast between the two textures gets to be in the spotlight.

Long hair
Long tresses are always in the spotlight as hair stylists can let their creativity manifest with the existing endless opportunities for styling. With long tresses femininity and playfulness can coexist and the rigorous rules of styling can be bent whenever it's necessary. This year the main tendency with long locks is to aim for elegance and sophistication without attempting to reach perfection.
Hairstyles with lots of volume often have an overall touch of minor imperfection as slightly messy hairstyles are combined with the elegance of sophisticated updos to create an intentional contradictory impression.