A new hair color can absolutely change one’s appearance in a good way or in a bad way if the wrong color is applied.

Eye color can be enhanced by hair color: blue eyes really pop when hair is colored in darker colors, green eyes look great with red hair color or highlights, brown eyes look great with almost any type of hair color.

The 2009 summer hair color trends tend to remain a little bit on the natural side.

Brunette is a very good choice for people with darker skin tones. If your skin is too white, brunette hair might have an aging effect. If you have the right skin tone for this color it will look great. It really enhances the eyes especially if they are blue or green. You can go for a uniform brunette color or you can choose brunette hair color with some subtle golden highlights.

Chocolate browns are very hip. They are suitable for almost every complexion. You can choose from light chocolate browns to dark chocolate browns. Opt for a uniform hair color or incorporate light brown or gold brown hair strands into the dark chocolate base hair color.

Reds are also very hip this year. There are so many shades to choose from and they all look fabulous. Red hair looks really good on paler complexions. You can choose intense shades of red or more soft tones. You can dye your hair all red or incorporate golden highlights for a more exotic look.

Blonde hair will never go out of style – blonde hair always look stunning and give an angelic allure when the shade is right. There are so many blonde shades to choose from: go for a more natural blonde look, with a nice uniform color or incorporate several golden tone highlights.