Easy to maintain curls sound like a dream for any woman with straight hair and not a lot of time. The modern perm may be the solution as new technologies continue to develop that could make perms in 2013 a hot trend.

Modern perms have more to do with beautiful easy to maintain natural looking curls than with the old Jheri curl. Protecting your hair from the chemicals is easier than ever, but you should consult with a hair stylist you trust before you start choosing 2013 perms for your hair.

Hair Perms in 2013

New chemical processes have reduced the chemical damage and smell associated with perms and the modern perm is easier to maintain than ever plus more versatile for plenty of different looks.

If you opt for a body wave perm, you can get perfect locks the size you want and forget about the daily use of hot styling tools to keep your look intact.

Hair perms in 2013 use the same basic concept of breaking down the chemical bonds in the hair in order to reshape it, but offer more options. Go for an alkaline perm or for a neutral wave if you want less damage to the hair, but a shorter lasting effect.

The Modern Perm: Why Choose Perms in 2013

Modern Perms: Pros & Cons

As a time-saver, the modern perm is suited for women who long for fabulous curls with less maintenance, with a stylish look that last up to 6 months.

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair are the biggest problems, but even a modern perm can cause breakage in dry and fizzy locks. You shouldn’t color your hair before a perm or wash it for 2 days following the chemical process.

Deep moisturizing protects hair and helps maintain the desired look, but even modern perms lead to split ends, so you might need to shear of the ends more regularly if you’re considering getting a perm in 2013.

The Digital Perm in 2013

Developed in Japan, a modern perm may be the best option for beautiful locks and healthy hair. Unlike the regular perm, or “cold perm”, the digital perm uses a different solution and hot rods connected to a machine with a digital display.

If you’re looking for the perfect perms in 2013, this technology might be the right choice, since the hairs often feels softer and smoother than after a regular modern perm and the locks get loose when the hair is wet, in a natural way.

The digital perm involves a longer process and can be a bit more expensive, but it’s the best way to go for perms in 2013, both for the better look and for the less damage the hair is prone to during the process.