Tecktonik dance is a very distinct street dance, which is believed to have appeared in the year 2000 in Paris, France. The dance’s popularity is increasing, becoming more and more popular worldwide. The dance features incredibly rhythmical moves which imply a lot of hand choreography. The feet are also in a constant move, making it a very energetic dance. This type of dance seems to be derived from a variety of other street style dances like hip hop and breakdance.

Tecktonik can be easily recognized after the dance style, hairstyles adopted by followers, and clothing. There seems to be a little bit of punk influence in the hairstyles as well as in the clothing. Overall, the Tecktonik dancers’ style is very distinct. It is a style meant to be different, meant to express freedom and style.

When it comes to Tecktonik hairstyles for boys, we can observe a very well groomed hairstyle which seems to be punk influenced because of the Mohawk.

The hair is cut short especially on the sides of the head and left gradually longer on top of the head. This will allow the hair to be styled upwards to create the Mohawk.

The Mohawk is about 1 and a half inches long, so it matches the style without being confused with a punk hairstyle. The hair remaining on the sides of the head can be cut shorter or longer depending on what each person wants and styled with a flat iron to create a perfect smooth finish. You can add your own touch to the hairstyle by implementing a gorgeous design on the sides of the head. This way you will have a personalized Tecktonik hairstyle.

There are variations of the hairstyle to suit different face shapes. Some Tecktonik dancers prefer to straighten their hair in the front and create a Mohawk a few inches from the forehead. The hair is smoothed out, because looking well groomed is very important. If you have short hair, just make sure to spike it up on top of the head and you’re all Tecktonik.


When it comes to Tecktonik hairstyles for girls, choppy layers is the way to go. The hair is kept shorter, medium length or long, but definitely layered so that the hair appears shorter on top and longer in the front. Straighten the hair so it looks smooth and luscious and spike the short layers on top so that the hair receives a little bit of volume.

Side swept bangs are also a great way to upgrade your Tecktonik look. Keep them straight and your hairstyle will look amazing. Side swept bangs suit most face shapes, so they could be a great option for you. Obviously you can have a diverse Tecktonik hairstyle by styling your hair straight or curly, either way the cut is very trendy and will offer your tresses plenty of styling opportunities. Pull your hair in a pony and start dancing.

tecktonik hairstyle for girls tecktonik girl

The Tecktonic style is about movement and looking great while moving, so find your own style and add a little bit of your personality into the haircut or the hair color. Be trendy and complete your gorgeous Tecktonik hairstyle with the right Tecktonik fashion style, and you will definitely capture all the attention with your unique moves and style.