The golden middle way between super-short hair styles and long locks is indeed the rich parade of medium cuts that flatter various face shapes and hair types. 2010 crowned the shoulder- or chin-length looks some of the most sought-after hair designs of the year. This way more and more people decided to adopt it and promote in their unique way. An additional trick to sculpt the layered or blunts strands into endless designs is hair parting. The following superside midi hair styles break with the tradition of classy hair parts and aim to arm you up with some of the pro hair dressing tips on the market. Watch out for the chic alternatives to sport your tresses in voguish and ‘look-at-me’ designs.

Did you get bored of classy and super-tamed hairdos? Then it’s time to spice things up with these hair styling techniques which require no pro skills only a comb and some hair styling products for the guaranteed long lasting effect. Indeed, it might take a few weeks to train your locks into the desired direction, therefore make sure you appeal to some of the high quality hair sculpting products as mousse and hairspray that would ease and quicken the process. Superside hair parts can be easily created especially if you know your purpose.

All you have to do is decide whether you still want to stick to the rules of a ‘good girl’ look or this phase is completely over and you crave for a vamped up do. In this case make sure you define the limits of your hair parts. In the past it might have been a rule that women should limit themselves to the left hair part. However, long gone are the days of similar limitations, instead explore your face shape and pick the right side according to the features you wish to emphasize.

Indeed a deep side part will expose a larger section of one side of your face and cover a larger proportion of your forehead. These factors all contribute to the mysterious and alternative look it offers. If you are keen to bring out your foxy and flirty side, make sure you try out this hair styling option at least once. Due to its natural movement, medium hair offers your hair perfect style. Start training your hair by using the best styling products as a paddle brush and a blow dryer.

Use the paddle brush to slick the hair when it comes to blow drying, This way you’ll be able to set the locks on the right place and secure the proper support for a long lasting effect. After you managed to dry your hair make sure you apply a texturizing paste or styling cream to your locks then clip the hair with a cute bobby pin to the rest of the locks on the opposite side of the hair part. In order to achieve the desired results make sure you repeat this ritual at least for 2 weeks in a row each time you wash your hair.

A deep and bold hair part is the key to make a sharp style statement each time you leave the house. Choose from the extreme parting as well as form the less edgy still prominent ones and pair them with your midi do. Keep the locks in their best condition and make sure you get rid of the broken ends and use the proper products designed for your hair type. Similar superside hair parts work fabulously both with uber-sleek tresses as well as wavy and curly strands. Therefore, there’s no need to quit showing off your natural hair texture which is oh-so-popular this season.