The beauty boosting power of fabulous looking hair is undeniable, so there should be nothing stopping you from making the best out of your locks as the options are endless. Hairstylists have gone overboard to push the boundaries when it comes to your precious locks and create new styles that women with all hair textures can benefit from. Unfortunately the length of your hair and the hair styling options are directly proportional, meaning the shorter the hair, the fewer the options and the longer the tresses, the more styling options to exploit!

For the honeys with medium to long hair, a viable solution to fabulous, fuss-free hair is posed by the use of hair accessories and Anthropologie is one of the few brands that channeled its energy into showing beauty enthusiasts some easy hair styling tricks to turn to on a daily basis using fabulous hair accessories and a little bit of ingenuity. The first thing you’ll need when it comes to fabulous looking hair is healthy hair as this is the only way you’ll be able to style your tresses as desired with ease, but certain tricks can work for healthy and damaged hair, and this is where hair accessories come in. Hair accessories can help give you a total makeover in minutes, making your locks look uber-stylish regardless of your hair’s natural texture. Put your skills to the test and start by recreating the looks put together by Anthropologie with the help of expert hair stylist Rodney Groves.

1.The Scarf Braid and Top Knot

Two of the easiest ways to fabulous summer hair seem to be the braid and top knot with a bit of a twist. A soft, summery scarf included in the hair styling process can do magic for your look and the styling time will be low, a max of 15 minutes for the scarf braid, respectively 5 minutes for the top knot. Obviously these hairstyles require a long hair length for styling, but you can also turn to hair extensions to achieve these stylish dos if you have medium length hair. To create a fab scarf braid hairstyle, you need to pull your hair into a low, loose, side swept ponytail and secure it using a hair elastic. Take your large Levina Scarf or any other soft, silky scarf, tie a bow at one of its ends and secure it in your hair using bobby pins. Take the loose end of the scarf and undo your ponytail so you can braid it. Secure the scarf and the end of the ponytail with a scarf and voil√†! Instant fabulous hair. For even quicker, fab results, a scarf top knot can always be a great option to consider, so gather your hair high and create a messy top knot. Fold the Levina Scarf or any other scarf into a two inch wide section, place the center of the scarf (on its length) at the nape of the neck and close in the sections around your forehead. Secure the ends with a knot or a bow, just enough to maintain the scarf in place without squeezing your head too much and you’re ready to go!

2.The Headband

A headband looks best when paired with wavy hair, so invest in a cool looking headband just like Anthropologie’s Glittering Cambers Headband and achieve a cool and innocent look in an instant. If you have wavy hair, just slip on the headband and you’re ready to go, but if you have sleek straight hair, you should take a bit of time and use a hair curling iron or a straightening iron to create a soft, wavy hair texture.

3.The Slide Sweep

A super stylish proposition that works well both for the short haired ladies and for the long haired honeys is provided by the use of Zesty Curves Slides, which are cool colored hair pins that give a certain relaxed, chic and fun style to your tresses. If you have short hair (a few inches), just slide the pins on one side of the head, and if you have longer locks, sweep your hair to the side and create loose braid/ knot or just keep things simple with the help of a loose/messy ponytail before sliding the grips in place on the opposite side.

4.The Deco Barrette

It’s amazing what a simple hair barrette can do to your hair, so no wonder that hair stylists have put the stylish accessory to good use by creating stylish hairstyles that have a certain romantic allure. One of the fuss-free looks proposed by Anthropologie includes the Sky-Sent Barrette and soft wavy hair. To achieve the look use a curling iron or a hair straightener to give your luscious locks a soft wavy texture and sweep a small part of the hair from one side of the head behind the ear. Secure the hair with the barrette and leave the rest of the hair loose. If the barrette feels like it’s slipping, a bit of hairspray applied on the hair prior to gripping the barrette should do the trick, so turn to these beautifying tricks as often as possible as the beauty boosting power of perfectly polished hair has been long demonstrated!

Photos courtesy of Anthropologie