Pigtails, buns, ponytails and different hair accessories are helpful friends that help us refresh the look of our hair, and face very high temperatures. The perfect summer vacation hairstyle should be practical, simple, and look good and healthy in the same time.

What is more comfortable and easier to make than a simple ponytail? Try a more sophisticated version by wrapping a hair section around the elastic band. Also, a scarf tied up around a ponytail can give you a retro look especially if you accessorize everything with a pair of oversized sunglasses. If you have shorter hair, make a lower ponytail, while for medium or long hair, a high pony works well. For longer hair, you can also try a low ponytail placed on one side with a messy touch.

You should know that playful pigtails are not only for little girls. Besides being a very practical hairstyle that you can make in no time, pigtails can also be sexy and stylish. Moreover, during hot summer days, they are the perfect choice in order to keep your hair from falling in your face. You can play with different variations of this hairstyle. You can braid them, curl them or add special accessories such as breads or jewelry.

A twisted bun is not only extremely easy to make, but it is also the perfect option for hot summer days. Smooth hair, make a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. You can place the bun at the nape of the neck or on one side. Twist the pony around the band until you get a messy bun, and pin. You can try this super fast hairstyle even on curly hair.

Twisting hair into a high top knot adds a relaxed, effortless touch to any look regardless your hair type. It flatters any face shape as it softens features. On just-washed hair, pull your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head and secure it using an elastic band. Then, twist hair around to create a bun and secure it with another band. Wear a fantasy headband if you want to add a subtle touch to a daytime look.

Colorful headbands, flowers, ribbons and other hair accessories represent the perfect choice in order to add character to your summer look. They work amazing on natural, wavy hairstyles. If you have a long wavy bob, you can backcomb your hair and secure the sides using different hairpins. Make some soft, loose waves and add a colored headband for a hippie, boho look. With a single scarf you can have a fun and fashionable look every day. Try folding your favorite scarf into a narrow band and place it at the point on your head that you think it advantages you. Another playful way to wear a scarf headband is by folding it, but this time wider, and place it above your forehead.

Hats will always represent that unique, timeless piece regardless any fashion trend. Throughout the time, they proved to be not only practical, offering sun protection, but also very stylish. For summer, you can choose a straw hat and wear it to a messy bun, pigtails, or to a loose side braid. Wavy, large brimmed beach hats are feminine and chic, and work great with breezy summer dresses.