A woman should look good on every occasion even when going on the beach. Nevertheless, choosing a hairstyle for a day at the beach is important especially because you are not only looking to have a special hairstyle, but also to protect your hair against sun rays and water.

Chignons The chignon could be seen in almost every fashion show for spring/summer 2010, and it became one of the hottest trends when it comes to stylish hairstyles. Yet, for a day spent at the beach, the chic chignon was reinvented in a more messy version.

You can make a messy bun yourself, you just need a hair clip or an elastic band. However, the second one would be a better choice as the hair clip might be a little uncomfortable if you are sunbathing on your back. The chignon is the best hairstyle for a day at the beach as it protects you hair against UVA and UVB radiation more than if you would let your hair free. A retro, loose chignon can add a bit of glamour even if on the beach.

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Braids and ponytails Braiding is also a safe way to hide a part of you hair from harmful sun rays and obtain in the same time a perfect look for a day at the beach. Don’t forget that messiness can be applied to braids also. You can choose to make a side braid or one in the back.

For a more tousled, casual look, make only a half braid and leave a few loose locks on the sides. Two side braids are the ideal option if you want to get a playful, girly look. You can also braid colorful ribbons into the hair. A high ponytail can also be the perfect ally if you want to have a good time at the beach.

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Hippie style Summer hippie hairstyles can be a flirty and natural option for romantic and bohemian personalities. You can adopt this look especially if you have long hair, but also if you have a beautiful bob haircut. For a hippie look don’t forget the basic accessories such as headbands, headscarves, bandeaus with different prints such as dots, liberty flowers and even stripes. Besides all these, flowers in your hair can add that special, bohemian hippie touch to your look.

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Delicate waves Soft waves are one of the hottest summer hairstyle trends for 2010. If you have natural curly hair, consider yourself a very lucky person as you just need to enhance the beauty of your curls using waterproof styling products.

Make sure you choose products that contain SPF. On the other hand, if you have straight hair, take into consideration the fact that if you go swimming, the waves into your hair will disappear. In this case, styling products cannot be a solution as they aren’t strong enough to maintain waves.

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Medium and short hair For short or medium hair that is not sufficiently long to be secured with an elastic band or hairpins, you can add some funny accessories such as a scarf, a bandeau or headbands, or even a hat that can protect your hair against radiation.

If you have bangs, you can use a narrow headband to keep it under control. It won’t offer you protection, but you’ll have a different, unique look. You should go for headbands made from soft fabrics, as metal or plastic ones can be rather uncomfortable.

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