Spoil your beautiful locks with cute summer hair accessories for the hot season of 2013, inspired by the most popular hair accessories trends. In tropical weather days, use feminine accessories to pull your hair up, for a nice chilly feeling.

Summer Hair Accessories Trends 2013: Floral Add-Ons

Floral Add-Ons and floral prints are mandatory cute summer hair accessories for 2013. From headscarves to beautiful headbands and huge flowers places on hair elastics, your options are basically limitless so finding something that matches your needs shouldn’t be too difficult. Floral hair accessories can create a charming bohemian look and a beautiful romantic allure, whether you wear them with loose curls, ponytails or loose braids, so explore your options!

Floral Hair Accessory 2013Floral Hair Accessories Trend 2013Floral Hair AccessoriesFloral Hair Accessory Hairstyle 2013

Summer Hair Accessories Trends 2013: Headbands

Headbands are wonderful summer hair accessories for breezy updos or completing a trendy wet look. Intensively promoted by hairstylists everywhere, headbands come in a variety of shades and sizes so you can go subtle or bold with your look. Use these great accessories to pull your hair up when you walk around the city at noon or enjoy a nice tanning session at the beach.

Summer Hair Accessories Trends 2013: Satin Bow Headbands

Are you a huge fan of the classy preppy style? Then you’ll be pleased to know that summer hair accessories trends recommend wearing satin bow headbands, for a precious and feminine look. Side swept bangs and high-volume hairstyles work especially well with this type of headbands, so amp-up the hair volume and add on a stylish headband for a genuine preppy style image!

Headband Hairstyle 2013Headband Hairstyle

Summer Hair Accessories Trends 2013: French Berets

Going to Paris this summer? Don’t worry if you don’t have a trip planned there, you can look like a Parisian beauty if you embrace one of the hottest summer hair accessories trends of 2013: French berets! Just pair a beautiful and stylish French beret with a low bun and big earrings when you go out on a date this summer: you’ll get a nice French kiss for sure!

Headwrap Hairstyle

Summer Hair Accessories Trends 2013: Head Wraps

Other hair accessories you should really try this summer are the gorgeous head wraps in bold colors, that keep your hair out of your face and make you look like a tribe queen. Not a fan of bright colors? You can also wear neutral shades for your head wraps and still look really trendy, don’t worry!

Summer Hair Accessories Trends 2013: Ponytail Holders

Looking for trendy accessories to pull your hair up? Ponytail holders are great when you want to keep the back of your neck free and ventilated. Choose ponytail holders in hues that make a nice contrast with your hair for a more interesting visual impact. You’ll love the look!

Ponytail Holder Hairstyle

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