Long hair will inevitably go boring if you neglect the styling options a similar dimension offers. Those who wish to sport a low maintenance and at the same time ultra-voguish look will have the opportunity to choose from the wide parade of sultry medium hairstyles.

Rock a bold and beautiful mid length hair design that suits your face shape and hair type. Add interest to your locks with asymmetry or a gorgeous bob with bangs. Depending on your personality and preferences pick your favorite stylish haircut from the repertoire below.

Medium Layered Hairstyleby Jacques DessangeMedium Layered Hairstyleby Samuel RocherMedium Layered Hairstyleby FudgeMedium Layered Hairstyleby Jacques Dessange

Layered bob hairstyles and shaggy midis are here for you to try them out. Inject a feminine and pretty flair into your look by opting for asymmetry. Hairdressers will furnish you with a flattering crop that adds movement and definition to your strands. Splits ends and unmanageable texture are some of the greatest faux pas in hair sculpting. Therefore get rid of them by re-thinking your new season makeover. Welcome the high street styling waves with open arms and arm up your beauty kit with dazzling formulas that ease the hair styling process.

Medium Layered Hairstyleby Fabio SalsaMedium Layered Hairstyleby MargossianMedium Layered Hairstyleby LorealMedium Layered Hairstyleby Schwarzkopf

Experiment with fashion-forward hairstyles that work magic with your strands. Regardless of your hair type, you’ll be able to nail down the most impressive looks of the moment. These professionally polished styles are the perfect source of inspiration for your upcoming transformation. Keep your tresses under control with a flat iron or you can also play with the natural texture of your locks. A tamed haircut is perfect if you wish to radiate glamor and high class. On the other hand, you can also add an edgy vibe to your medium locks with messy texture. For this all you have to do is use a tiny amount of wax or texturising cream.

Medium Layered Hair Styleby John ReymanMedium Layered Hair Styleby Alan EdwardsMedium Layered Hair Styleby Courtney EngelMedium Layered Hair Styleby I Sargassi