A fabulous look is the perfect combination of trendy hairstyles, fashionable outfits and flawless, event-appropriate makeup. All of these details can absolutely transform your look, so if you’re all about style, try to pay attention to everything that can help you underline your best features. If simplicity doesn’t characterize your style turn your attention towards the following stylish updo hairstyle ideas for 2011.

Hair by Anne McGuigan Hair & BeautyHair by HaloHair by Royston BlytheHair by Gary Hooker & Michael Young

Vintage-inspired updo hairstyles look amazing and in 2011 they are the perfect match for the 70’s inspired fashion trend that has taken the fashion industry by storm. Vintage updos can vary in style so one can be versatile with the look chosen. The vintage flair is given by the classy pin-up style or by an abundance of volume, which will make you the attraction of the evening. With a certain formal feel attached, these updos are perfect for special events, so if you have the necessary hair length create a stylish beehive inspired updo as well as a pin-up hairstyle, featuring different style elements such as victory rolls or a bold pompadour.

Hair by GeorgeHair by Brooks&BrooksHair by Monroe HairdressingHair by Hair Studio

Contemporary women who are not afraid to make a statement, will definitely lean towards an edgier looking updo. These modern updos are a magnet when it comes to attention and can be created on all hair textures whether sleek straight or curly. Give the hair more drama with a high, sleek straight ponytail or a cool bow updo. Boost the volume to the max and incorporate some stylish hair braids to give a totally unique touch to your tresses or fuse your updo with messy texture that states sexy!

Hair by Marc AntoniHair by Hair ArenaHair by Hair AngelsHair by Ishoka

If classic elegance appeals to you most, it is best to go for simpler updos, that state pure perfection. These updos are perfect for formal occasions and can definitely underline your femininity. Create your sexy and elegant ‘do on blown-out locks or wavy hair and go for a supersized bun, a messy top knot or a simple high volume updo, as volume is the keyword of the season’s new hairstyle trends.