Women have always been in search of stylish red hair color hairstyles as they look fabulous due to the vivid and pleasant coloration. Red hair color has been popular for decades, when women opted for just 3 basic hair colors: dark, blonde and red. The red hue has a certain attractiveness attached, making this hair color timeless. The vivid coloration of the red hair helps create a certain glowing look, a look which appeals to most women.

Hair color trends seem to change every year and this year red hair color is becoming quite popular. The variety of hair coloring products offer endless possibilities when it comes to red hair color as different hues from natural red to fire red can be found. Here are some of the popular red hair color trends for 2010:

Natural red hair color Natural is beautiful and trendy as natural hair color is highly popular this year. Natural red hair color has a very light coloration similar to copper. This hair color works beautifully on women with a paler skin complexion and should be avoided by women with a powerful tan. The warmth of this hair color helps soften the look, creating a fairytale appearance. Obtaining a natural red hair color requires a little bit of skill as this shade will not be obtained on dark colored tresses. The hair needs to have a lighter coloration so that the light red hue turns out exactly as desired. Choose the brand which appeals to you most, but try to choose an ammonia free hair color as it is less likely to damage your tresses.

natural red hair natural red hair

Medium red hair color Medium red hair color has a more intense look than natural looking red hair. The pigment of this hair dye is stronger and the result is absolutely stunning. This hair color helps the hair appear shinier as the vivid coloration helps reflect light better. Red pigment attaches itself better to the hair, this is why red hair usually maintains its hue for up to 4 weeks, after which its intensity lowers but the color will still look nice.

This type of red hair color works beautifully with pale skin as it enhances the skin and helps create an eye popping effect especially for green or blue eyed women. The medium hair color palette varies widely in order to suit different skin tones as well as preferences. Orange-red hues are extremely popular, so consider this option as well.

medium red hair orange red

Intense red hair color Intense red hair color or dark red has a very intense, powerful look, a look which not everyone can pull off. This type of red color works beautifully with fair skin complexion as it helps create a warm effect, that still captures attention.

The hue of this type of red hair color varies in brightness from bright, fire red to dark intense red in order to suit different preferences. Women with a great amount of confidence should opt for this type of red hair color as it is a hair color which will attract a great deal of attention.

red hair intense red

It is very important when deciding to go red to choose a shade which will benefit your complexion. Turning to professional help is very useful as hair colorists can achieve the exact red hair color desired as they are highly trained when it comes to hair color, so opt for a salon hair coloring to achieve the perfect red hair color.