There are so many options you can consider when it comes to braided hairstyles! Whether you add small braided accents or you plait the whole hair, there are a myriad ways to wear braided hairstyles.Hair length is a critical element when it comes to braids as these braiding techniques require a longer hair length for them to be styled. The results can be absolutely wonderful if you make the right choice, so inspire yourself from the following stylish new braids. Braiding requires a little bit of skill, but if you love styling your own hair or if you can master these techniques, styling your tresses will be a no-fuss process.

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Depending on personal preference and hair styling skills, you can opt to select different hair braiding techniques, which you can implement into your hair to create various stylish hair styles. The following hairstyles can pose as a great option to try for different types of events, so experiment and discover the beauty and power of braided hairstyles.

Front hair braids look amazing and can pose as a great option for women with gorgeous facial features. This look reveals the facial features greatly, so French braid your hair on one side of the head, bringing the rest of the hair on one side. You can opt for such a look especially if you have a blunt cut hairstyle, this cut ensuring your braid looks flawless, without any flyaway hairs.

Another similar and equally stylish braid style is the milkmaid braid. You might require your friend’s help to braid your hair, as French braiding your hair from the front of the head towards the back on both sides of the head is not easy, and if you’re looking for a flawless result, have someone else help you. This look is perfect for casual as well as for more formal occasions, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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Braided side ponytails look amazing and the herringbone style is one of the most popular braiding techniques for this look. The herringbone or fishtail braid might seem a bit difficult to perform at first but with a little bit of practice you can become an expert. If fishtail braids don’t appeal to you, braid your locks with the simple three-strand braiding technique; either way the effect will be lovely.

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Women who love to adopt a more edgy look can too opt for hair braids but with a little bit of a quirky twist. Style a braided fauxhawk or braid your hair close to the top of the head and allow the rest of the hair to fall naturally on one part of the head, so the braid is fully revealed.