Everybody’s on board when it comes to sexy, luscious hairstyles, so why not take action and give glamor a whole new meaning by playing with the most stylish holiday hairstyles? This holiday 2012 season glamor unlimited is the style promoted by everyone from makeup artists to fashion designers and hair stylists, meaning fashionistas that want to make sure their look is up-to-date have to reinvent their style and recreate hairstyles that make jaws drop in an instant, however all while maintaining that naturalness and flawless by nature allure that everyone’s obsessing over.

Now, if you’re lacking ideas, fear not as hairstylists have been busy ‘pulling new ideas out of their hats’ just so you darlings can make the best out of your locks and look as gorgeous as you should be looking! The following hair style ideas are a definite DO when it comes to holiday hair and any other special occasion, so check them out and find your perfect look.

by Christopher Appletonby Christopher Appletonby Flip-Inby Errol Douglas

Up & Sexy

The ponytail is definitely the easiest way to a sexy look, but only if your hair features a long length and a sleek texture that still packs plenty of volume. Now, don’t panic if this look tops any other look in your book and you don’t have the right hair length as it’s nothing a set of clip-in hair extensions can’t fix! Add the extensions on and pull the hair up and center, so you can look like a total diva without even trying too hard. Those bohemian-loving sweethearts can flash a big smile as this trend is huge still and a Brigitte Bardot inspired low ponytail or a more modern side braid high volume half updo can definitely get you noticed!

by Unknownby Strangewaysby Pheonixby Y Salon

Timeless Updos

A hairstyle that never fails when it comes to glamor, special occasion hair is the updo and thankfully there are hundreds of variations that you can turn towards so your look seems ever-fresh. Go for updos that top the charts this year and play with sleek textures to accentuate the sophistication of the lines that your locks follow. Pin sections of hair on top of each other and pull the hair into a low bun, go for a total vintage look with a bit of an edge by creating a cool quiff on top or keep things balanced by combining two styles such as sexy curls with stylish French braids. Mandatory for the updo is the use of gloss spray which will help add that Wow factor that seems almost cinematic!

by Ishokaby Karine Jacksonby Peter Prosserby Karine Jackson

Loose & Sexy

If you want to channel celebrity glamor without however doing something sophisticated with your locks, play with your hair texture especially if your hair’s got plenty of natural volume. If not, enhance the volume by blow drying the hair using upward motions and a big round brush. Next, use a flat iron to add sexy, barely there waves that have that A-list allure. If curls are your thing, use mousse and hair rollers to achieve the perfect curls and keep the hair loose or add a few braids on the side of the hair to add some pizzazz to your look just for kicks!