Hair accessories, similarly to hairstyles are developing in a quick pace. It seems that there are several tendencies that pop up in every season and become real ageless ‘must have’ items that can be sported when looking for a versatile and groovy look.

Hair bows are beyond question stylish tools that can dress up our otherwise plain and boring strands. From the colorful to the less eye-popping and more classy pieces, you’ll find an unlimited selection of bows. Its versatility is given by the fact that everyone regardless of hair length and texture can wear them. The secret to steal the show with your look lies in learning how to sport the stylish hair bow trend.

Kelly Osborne Leighton Meester

Our style icon celebrities were also mesmerized by the fairy tale as well as ’80s disco era allure these hair accessories offered them. Bows flooded the red carpet and all the prominent events.

Worn either secured on stylish headbands as well as only pinned to the loose curls or a stylish updo. Indeed the new trend was also popularized and promoted on the catwalk. The collections of Betsey Johnson as well as Temperley London and Marc Jacobs illustrate the versatility of this detail. Either paired with a gloomy or more colorful apparel the overwhelming success is guaranteed.

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In order to emphasize the beauty of these hair accessories and also to place them into the spotlight make sure your hairstyle is decent and not too eye-popping so to suppress the charm of the bow.

Hair stylist advise you to choose bows according to your hairdo and hair color. If you are a devotee of the classy style make sure you choose a silky or velvet hair bow, these will immediately perk up your strands. On the other hand those who are fond of the more creative and youthful patterns should opt for polka dotted or printed hair bows. Gossip Girl fans would be enchanted by the several designs the Preppy style offers. Copycat the stylish looks and polish your style knowledge.

Regardless of the style your sports, be it dolly, Emo and even Punk you’ll be welcomed to embed this hair accessory into your must have hair styling kit. Test the limits of your creativity to explore the many sides hair bows have. Pair the right color and size to your outfit and choose according to the effect you want to create. If you wish to follow the ‘bigger the better’ principle you might consider that a similar hair bow might shift the attention form your hairstyle. Those who would like to complement their tresses should search for less eye-popping and classy pieces that crown the overall look of the sophisticated hairstyle.